Security …

26 03 2009

The title most likely is not about what you think. Security is an illusion. Perhaps the only security is knowing there is none. None of which have to do with this post.  It is more about being the “Bamboo in the Storm” eg: surviving in hard times.88

I few months back I got my security guard license from the glorious and broke state of CA. I applied for a few positions, but no takers No experience I’m betting. A few weeks ago, maybe two or three I did have an interview that went well. I was given papers to fill out, I did so and received a call last week about starting training.

I was watching the last episodes of BattleStar Galactica,  I loved that show. Anyway I had this feeling of ending and yet a new start from basics, like the folks on the show, landing on “new earth. My EDD funds were done, our Condo life was done, my Web class was done (as far as I was concerned), my days as a well paid graphic designer, done, ( so it seems at least for now, there is always hope). Anyway like the Crew it was time for a new beginning on a new planet, with just the basics.

Tuesday night was my first training class of three as a roving guard, before starting a full work day. I went in thinking it was going to be a classroom deal like the original licence training. Wrong! I was given a shirt to try on. I did so, thinking it was going to be inside so took off my long & warm sleeved shirts and put on the short sleeved one. From there we got in the patrol vehicle and went out on duty. Not so bad I’m thinking, the heater was on and we were in the car…BTW the training is from 8pm – 12 am it is cold!

Once on the property grounds, it all changed. The windows need to be down whle on site to listen for any noises, etc I am told. brrrrrr. The other two guys giving me the training are dressed for it. I’m in a short sleeve shirt no undershirt, no hat. I sucked it up and dealt with it. Ok, I’m thinking this is while on the property. Breathe, raise the chi level, this is training, I am Shaolin. It will not last. This was ok , for a while until they started getting too warm because of the car heater and started leaving the window down more while going in between sites. Brrrrrrrr!!!!

Next later in the night around 10pm. It picked up a level. It was time to do pool closings and door checks. Which means, get out of the car. Now I was really miserable! The whole time thinking, ok, only a couple more hours I can do this. Ganbatte!

I was soooo glad when it was over, not because it was hard. I was just COLD! I had two cups of hot tea when I got home, and wore warm socks and stuff to bed, I was still cold, until this morning. OMG!! Yeah I am a cold wimp!!!

I have to feel grateful to have found work in these hard times and I am. This job will not be hard, or nasty like cleaning bathrooms, been there did that. The most difficult part is working from 9:00pm to 5: 00 am !! yup thats right 5:00 am. More training, is my outlook, training for those late night boat passages, training for the spirit in the storm of life, being the bamaboo. Others have it far worse. So looking on the bright side, from what I understand there is a lot of down time, where I can do whatever I want, use the computer in the patrol car, read, whatever, cat nap. I will be productive and study my Japanese, and so some web stuff, twit, blog, learn some on-line PHP or something. Another hard part will be adjusting the body to the new timing, It may not be too bad, this is only a P/T job. Those who can adapt surive, this is the way of the Tao. There are times when you must first fully accept where you are and adapt. Then a new path apears.




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