Security III…yatta

27 03 2009

I was the most nervous about this evening of training. I was to do the rounds , and be followed by two supervisors. Jheez, ok

s88I was dressed for the occasion, however I forgot to wear my black shoes and wore tennis shoes, Doh! I was not thinking and put them on by mistake. I was thinking about the leak coming from the truck I saw when LZ came home, not about shoes. I was called on it, and it was overlooked. I was told I will be assigned ( I buy) a uniform and shoes anyway. I was also given a official company cap ( whoohoo0 free). I was expecting a cheapo cap but it was really pretty nice. It turned out to be too warm for the night at hand, but that was ok. My motto is too much warmth is better than not enough.

I did the check-in stuff for the shift and off we went. Over all the evening was no where near as bad as I thought. The main supervisor told me I can keep the reports simple, unlike the other guy who told me to write a lot.  That was a big  relief  and helped my timing for the evening. It was a quiet night except for one Apt complex. A tenant reported some kids doing some tagging ( spraying painting) just before we arrived. So there were three of us to check that out and I got to see what to do in a case like that. I felt like Hawaiii 5.0

There was a break between patrols where we just sat on a side street and waited for the time to catchup and start “pool lockups”. So I took the time to do a little meditation before the rush to cover 5 complexes in 1 hour, to lock up the pool areas.

All in all it was a smooth evening. I will be working solo on Sat. 9:00pm to 5:00 am.

Time to starting to “pay my dues”

I have had worse jobs. I can do this… Yosh!




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28 03 2009
Rick Matz

You’re one of the Crazy 88’s?!

28 03 2009

Yo yo word up, homes, LoL

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