Security …Paying dues

29 03 2009

Paying dues, a musician’s term for putting in time. Playing low pay jobs, dive clubs, etc. Something one goes through to get a good gig and respect. It is not about membership payment money. I would guess actors have the same sort of things since we are cousins in the arts. Anyway, this is where I am at in the corresponding version of Security guardland. Doing this graveyard shift I look at it as paying my dues in this field.


My Ride

Doing SG work was what my father did after he retired. I never thought much of it as a field and always worked at staying educated and skilled enough so I would not have to go there. Back in the day it was a job of not much skill I thought. Just a job. Of course , there is no such thing as just a job. Any job is a good job to be thankful about. It is all about survival, “only the strong can survive” ( …Grandmaster Flash) These days, it is much more involved than just having a military background and being able to take orders which I thought it was about. Now one to start needs a Guard Card. In order to get this you need to go a State approved cla$$. This cla$$ covers things you can do and can not do as a Security Officer. It also covers terrorist activity things, what to look for, etc , etc. That is just the start through. After you get your card, and start working there is another 6 hours of training you need to complete with-in 30 days on the job. Ok, so I got my card, and I also received from the 88 group a 12 hours training certificate the other night, double the requirement. Now I find I have been enrolled in the first set of on-line classes which cover some 12 topic units. Wheww, not done yet, there is another group of training to be completed within 6 months. OMG who knew there was so much to this. I’ll have more respect  for these rent-a -cops. Of course like everything else times have changed everywhere, nothing is simple.

So my first night on the job. I was a bit nervous about finding my way around and staying within the required time frame. I show up ready to go out on my own. However I am surprised to find my super is there and says he is going with me for the first couple of hours. Hmmm I think, I’m not trusted yet, there goes my relaxing evening,  did I do something… ? Not letting it phase me, I flow with it and carry on, I went through what I was suppose to do and we head out. I was kind of glad he was there to give me some travel direction and what order to do what. The hardest part of the evening is from 10- 11pm, there are 4 complexes to cover preform lock-downs. Tonight I stepped faster and drove faster, being less concerned about doing the safe driver way under the speed limit thing. I only ran 5 minutes over. The Super said that was not bad for still learning.
After 11:00 I took him back to the office and headed out on my own. I was solo the rest of the night. It was pretty easy the rest of the night. I was given a list with a suggested order to follow for stops, that was a BIG help! My only problem for the night was underestimating the time I should put in between the later stops of the night and ended up really rushing toward the end to make all my rounds. I ended up finishing up the night about 20 min or so over. I was suppose to be done by 5:00 am I was done at 5:20 or so  Not a big deal I think for my first solo run. Now I understand the timing better. So onward Officer Zen… Yatta! ( I did it)




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30 03 2009
Rick Matz

I spent a couple of years working in security at a hotel. Months of boredom punctuated by minutes of chaos.

30 03 2009

Yeah, like I said before, once I started the LAPD process, my respect level for their training and requirements went way up. As you said, everything’s more complicated than it used to be. Or maybe things always were but we didn’t know it.

Stay safe.

30 03 2009

Well done for your solo run.

9 04 2009

Just wondering how things are progressing on the job and with the kyudo.

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