9 04 2009

Today is like yesterday, cold and rainy.  Here on the 3rd floor, up where the wind blows full , slamming my bamboo and red maple around, it is a nice day. Even days like this with all the grayness have beauty.  While typing this I notice how the deep blood red of my young Japanese maple stands out against the gray backdrop of my vision of the world . Making a pleasant contrast to my line of sight.


Little by little things are falling into place here with the new life on the island. I am grateful for the small and large blessings that bloom daily.  So since someone asked ( shock)  about what is happening with the Security Job and the Kyudo I figured it must be time for a post.

Concerning the Security job, I have my second night of work up coming this Friday. As of the moment it is basically on-call I have not worked since the last post. The company is new to the area and just getting accounts setup and training people they are looking for to be key players on the growth path.  EDD gave me a new claim ( Yay whooohoo) so I’m not concerned with putting in a lot of hours right now. In fact I do not want to now.  A few days here and there is good, it gives me some training time and I do not have to drive for 45 min to get there or be up all night working.  Getting the training and time on the job in is important so I can have it on my resume for a better position where I do not have to stay up all night, that is my goal. They are expecting to have some accounts closer to my home soon and that will be nice.

To answer JM about Kyudo, noting right now. I am working on developing a website for my group, but no practice recently. I do have my monthly training session out at Racoon Poop Dojo coming up in 2 weeks. That is all I can handle for right now. On occasion I maybe able to swing a couple of sessions in but not much more. The group has a week long retreat coming up in May. This is the one at the Sonoma Mtn Zen center that was so brutal last year with the heat. I would love to go , but no way I can justify the $300.00 cash out put this year. Unless I get really blessed with “Pennies from Heaven“.

A couple of other things that have fallen in to place besides the huge life saving thing of the new EDD claim, is I am able to start teaching at least a Sat morning, Tai Chi /Kung Fu class at a former classmate’s Dojo Suigetsukan Dojo. He has some free space then which I can rent dirt cheap. Nice. Even having one day inside will be helpful, also the exposure maybe bring a few new students. The classes in the park seems to be a great amusement for the toilet mouth lil hood rats ( Japanese readers this means neighborhood children with no manners) who hang out there. On the other hand it is practice for me tuning them and other distractions out. So there is that perspective of seeing thing.

I found a great marina near us for s/v Zen to move into. I am looking forward to that. Interesting bit of a story, to me on how it all came together. Which is (will be) posted on the other blog not here or will I repeat. Anyway that will be the last piece of our life to move to the island. That will not happen until late May. That will be the first big sail of the year. It is almost like returning home for the old girl since I purchased her in Berkeley. So there are a couple of things to look forward to next month.

My taxes are done, that was painful. I paid someone to do them this year OUCH. So it was painful not only paying them but having to pay the gov. as well. However I knew that this year I would owe Uncle Sam some money. He has paid me all last year I did not deduct taxes so, it was expected. It will be the last year I have someone else do the return though, that was kind of a waste but I did learn a couple of things…perspective again.


Our lanai garden is all setup. I am pleased with it. Several bamboo, a Red Japanese maple, some veggies & herbs are growing, maybe a couple of flowers, plus a couple of other misc plants.


I can sit on my cushion at the glass door and get a sense of what the old Chan masters felt sitting on their porches/steps/home looking at the gardens.

cushionOf course they wee not three stories up in an Apt, but you get the idea…(^_^)


So little by little, (sukoshizutsu) things are falling into place.