And now for something completly different…Power spots

14 04 2009

The world is full of power spots or scared spots. You you are a reader of Carlos Castaneda you know what I am talking about. If you are a follower of other ways of thoughts than the main stream you know what I am talking about.

It occurred to me that we are living near one at our new place. I do not think the folks who set things up thought much about it other than it is a nice place, but maybe they thought that way because it is a power spot. Now I am speaking about more than there is a Jizou-san on the corner and gateway to the marsh walk path.


In this case I am referring to a spot that is just down the street from there. It is just across the street from our Lanai. It is wood deck that is built out over a small part of the bird sanctuary. Hmmm and there it is in the name bird Sanctuary.


Sanctuary for birds a scared spot, but not just for birds. I had not really given it much thought until a week or so ago I saw a sister come to the edge of the walkway, bow then enter and after a bit of stretching do some meditation. That is when it hit me this place is a sanctuary not just for the Tori’ ( birds) but for everyone who come here.  It is a place of healing, recharge, and peace. My cousin remarked that even though the deck is usually busy, it is rare people of several groups or individuals will come together at the same time. What happens most of the time is one or a group that is together will come, as they leave another will come, as they leave another will replace them.


So there is this flow and exchange of people. I have gone out there also and just felt the chi. I have thought a couple of time s about it is a good place to do Tai Chi, but as a mostly private person the idea of doing it front front of several Apt buildings does not motivate me. When the time hits me I will, perhaps at dusk some day or dawn in the summer.  The Chi should be strong there.

Sometimes it is  still


at times it is busy.deck-4

It flows Yin to Yang,

ebbing and flood

like the water at it’s feet.




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