The Island life

20 04 2009

It really feels like we live in a different world here on the island from being where we where inland. The vibe, it is all about the vibe. Sat. was was a good day. LZ is in a good mood, due to a “Shigoto” matter which I will not go into. We both were up early on Sat. and did a mild warmup together. Some yoga, Motion Zen and sitting Zen. Then took off for a Sampo (a walk). It was a good day for a walk slightly cool, mildly overcast.  We walked for about 1 mile. it was good.

I took off afterward to a Marine swap-meet and to deliver a logo design I did for someone who is taking off on her Catamaran with family on a world cruise.


My design will be out there sailing the world before me. Kind of cool…

From there it was a quick stop at the (not) All sail Boat show. I can across an interesting man who I ended up buying his book called “Sailing Grace” . When I was asked about my name to sign in the book, I said, just put Captn Zen. He replied in my 20 some years of sailing I have never heard that. It was some of that “Zen” philosophy that got me through the problems I had to deal with. So I took a picture with him.


John Otterbacher and Captain Zen

Now that I am into reading the book and listened to some of his video I can say he gets it, maybe being that close to death does that. I came across another sailor who does and teaches Meditation. his brochures say. Crisis is the Catalyst, Meditation is the cure, Relationships are the test. The crisis, any crisis, was also mentioned in the The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, which a elder sister gave out parts of it during our Thursday Chan session. Troubling our human nature needs to have something, tragic to open our hearts  and eyes to there is more to living than struggling for a buck at any cost to our body, mind or spirit.

‘From hospital ward to the stormy Atlantic, this hard-edge story will resonate with anyone who has struggled with profound adversity – be it divorce, disease, depression, financial crisis, or the “heavy weather” that unexpectedly blows through every life.’

Anyway I recommend the book even if you are not into sailing. Just reading a true story about the valiant human spirit, from “my new friend” as the author signed in the book to me.

The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging at home, with LZ. We were off later in the afternoon to our first social gathering here on the island .  Another sailor who I had met via my blog , who is also planning a sail to Japan with her family invited us over for a housewarming party.  Not knowing many people here I was looking forward to the gathering. The house is just a few blocks from us, so it was just in our “hood’. There was a a fairly large turnout and rainbow of peoples of many ethnic backgrounds. There were lots of beautiful little rainbow babies running around.


Pix by Mitzi

Pix by Mitzi

Pix by Mitzi

There was lots of food, drink and comradry. We played drums, and someone bellydance, it is always good to be a musician again.


It was a good beat to end the day on.




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