Sake, Sushi and Kyudo at RSD

4 05 2009

It started as a cloudy, chilly day here on the island, a good day for staying home by the fireplace. However I was scheduled to go out to Kyudo practice. Looking forward to it in fact. I thought the sound of rain on the roof would be cool to listen to while in the meditative aura of shooting.


LZ was kind enough to make snacks for the group. There was fried tuna sushi and miso tuna rice balls…oishii desu!! I also picked up some Premium Junmai Sake. I thought it would be a small but nice reciprocal gift for the kindness shown. Unfortunately one person couple not make it but the rest of group were there and we chowed down! There was not alot of Sake involved so we were able to get down to practice afterward.

I learned alot this session not only on some inside things on certain organizations but on style and my practice and need of work/correction. We went through the ceremonial style, entrance, walk, bow, kneeling and shooting. It was a lot! The first time through seemed to be overwhelming, but it is like that when learning anything new of some type of complexity. After the second , third time, it fell more into place. I am SOooooo glad I picked up a pair of knee pads before going out to the Dojo. Another thing I learned was the proper way to get up and down when kneeling, it is a lot easier when done the correct way.rsd-graphic Isinn’t always that way…the easier part , not the knee pads part.

I have mentioned testing in Kyudo before. Well the organization that does the testing out of Japan I find out does not do it here every year as I thought. This year it is in South Carolina or North, small difference. Next year when I had planned on being ready, will most likely be in Japan. Hmmm. We wanted to go to Japan this year, that looks doubtful, maybe next year will work and I can do my test there, how cool is that!?!? Outstandly cool! It will take some money which means having a full time job would be a good thing 🙂  The Universe does have a way of making things happen…Look at the Kyudo/Zen seminar this year, I had no plans to go ,then BAM, it dropped into my lap. One should never underestimate the power and ways of the Tao.

Another lesson was my holding the bow, (Yumi ) at the start of the opening sequence, Hassetsu, a small thing but made the setting of the bow easier to reach and turn. Tenouchi, Yugaeri, Torikake, Three important things, I was doing but not correctly, “M” showed me the correct way to do it which helped tremendously with my feel, grip, twist on the Ya (arrow) and spin on the Yumi. I am finally able to understand about having the Yumi turn in one’s hand. I’ve seen the advance students do it. I changed my grip before to a very loose one and was able to get the Yumi to turn 1/4 way which was an improvement, but still not there. Now I can get 1/2 turn.a big deal to me and to the delivery of my shot. awww yeah!! Yatta!

Another final bit of help came in how to do sighting or targeting. Using the moon theory. half moon, full moon. We went through that in the seminar last year at Sonoma Mtn Zen center, but not in this manner. It was helpful also I see it in the book, Kyudo, The Essence and Practice of Japanese Archery.  I see everything  that we went through broken down in there, however like trying to learn Kung Fu or Tai Chi from a book, it is not as clear as having someone go through it with you , then going through the book as a reference. So all you folks trying to learn something physical from a book, Kyudo, Kung Fu, Karate, Zen, etc, you need a instructor to pull it all together. The human connection is needed. Which fits right in with the Chan/Zen interdependence Philosophy.




2 responses

5 05 2009

Ahhh! It is always good to read your posts. Wish you were coming to South Carolina, for I would be picking you up at the airport!

It was a long trip and rather costly for us to go to California last year though, so I understand.

I am thinking that testing will be in Minnesota the year after Japan, but don’t quote me on this.

Sounds like you are making good progress! I am happy for you!

5 05 2009

You had me at tuna and sake.

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