Sunday Kyudo in V-town

11 05 2009

RSD monSunday’s session was different. I needed to make a quick pit stop by the marina that I will be sailing to on Weds to get a GPS reading. Then headed over to RSD. Upon entering, I hear a discussion about the name RSD ensuing. I found it humorous to listen to. The organizers of the Dojo were steadfast about the name staying as is, no matter what tactic was used to persuade. Next ensuded a discussion about what was Zen and not Zen in relation to practice and disrupting the set flow of things at the Genjo-ji retreat also with Kyudo, martial art and Zen being seperate. On that I had to get involved being of Shaolin Chan Linage, it was on. ^_^

When I first arrived 2/3 of the group were working stuff, the tarp was still covering the floor to protect it from the Tanuki. I had noticed on my last visit there were tracks there, these were still there this time, I had my camera to capture a few. The above mon is from the actual resident Tanuki print.


For the most of the afternoon, it was just myself and one other shooting as the other two members where busy prepping the shade structors for the Kyudo intensive later this month. I will be attending. It will be a Wed – Sun affair as last year. Hopefully HOPEFULLY the weather will be more comfortable. However as I told the other Onii-san, that is all part of training to deal with it. Over coming the messerable feelings and still carry on and Ganbatte. Like one has to do everyday in just living.

Anyway back to shooting. I was given as usual a few helpful tips and corrections to my form. I could feel the difference in the shots. There was something said by the elder Oniisan that reminded me of an article on the working of Tai Chi that Rick had posted on his site Cook Ding’s Kichen. here is a snip:

He demonstrates this by having students raise their arms to shoulder height and push forward He noted that most people lift and push from the shoulder joint and arm muscle. and there is little strength involved. He demonstrated the way he pushes, using his back and abdominal muscles with the shoulder and arm completely relaxed- Similarly, When he moved his arm, across his head, his back and abdomen did the work.

So this really validated my thoughts on all of these practices are just extension of the same principals. Especially when one is dealing with internal to external expressions. Rooting, contracting, expanding, full body support, when punching , pulling, pushing, shooting. standing. All parts of the body are interdependent, like all of us are interdependent in life, in living. To make that perfect shot, to have that perfect life, relationship, punch, push, all part must be in harmony working together. In Kyudo, Tai Chi , Kung fu, gardening, sailing, whatever.


I’m not sure if I will have any other Kyudo posts before the Genjo-ji retreat. Maybe there will be time for one more practice before the Shugyo (修行). I will be more prepared for the worst than last year. It is for real not a vacation it is a Shugyo. Yosh!




2 responses

12 05 2009
Rick Matz

You practice a beautiful form of budo. The archery is pretty cool too.

16 05 2009

I feel that you are instrumental in closing the gap that I have in Kyudo and the Way. I feel that that the Zenko vs the Federation styles of Kyudo are not nearly as far apart as some would think. I truly believe that we are all on the same path.

Thank you for having an interest in what I have to say and what is close to my heart!

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