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16 05 2009

bodhidharmaIt is a quiet Sat here on the Island. I had my Tai Chi Fu class this morning. Myself and one student. No matter, she got a good private lesson. She has been with me for over 7 yrs and wil be leaving soon fot the East Coast. It is good for her to receive some one on one lessons, she has been dedcated student I will miss her. We went through standard warmup stufff, Chi Kung, Some yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi walk, Tai Chi, then worked on her sword form. It is nice to practice in the peace of the morning chi. It was a good start to the day.

We had some yin and yang moments yesterday, LZ got her transfer approved for a new store closer to home. Full time and a starting time, we were not expecting that…yay!. Our pickup truck passed smog test, …yay!!!!! no problem at all. I could have gone to a cheaper place for the test, but I was unsure if it would need work, I’m glad at least I found a little cheaper place than first picked so did save some cash there, yokatta! I got busted and fined by EDD for a couple of days work that I did not claim on my form when I first got reappoved…doh, yuk!  I did not do it on purpose, just plain overlooked it. Anyway I sent the overpayment back, and hope there will be no further reperscussions. That could be a painful error. The next big break we need os for me to get hired.

LZ made us a nice lunch on the Lanai today, our first sitting out there. It was a pleasant day for sitting there. She had put some effort into it, white table cloth, sake and wine drinks and a sandwich.  Nice, arigato gozaimashita!

I finally did the last big part of our move… of sorts, I brought the boat s/v Zen down from our old home area..yatta. It was a nice easy pleasant trip which I wrote about in the “by Sea” blog. It involved travel by Car, Train, bike, foot and boat, to complete everything, and it all went well, sugoi!

I am looking forward to our interracial loving day (  house warming next month, seems like that will be our first visitors since being here after 3 months. After that we will have a few other non-mixed friends over . The Loving day plan just happened to fall together with the idea , the date, the people. It should be fun. It is a little bonus to sort out just who are our friends…I’ll just leave that at that (^_^)

This month is half over, wow, soon I’ll be heading off to Zen and Kyudo practice in the mountain again. It should be better having done it before, so I can prepare phyically and mentally better. Anyway that is at some other time, now is now, and I need to be here now. On with the day, Yosh!!




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16 05 2009

Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

18 05 2009

Yo tambien!

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