A day in the Kyudo life

18 05 2009

It was a pretty laid back day at RSD as far as practice. Our actual shooting time was lessen in the beginning, because upon being asked about my other arts, since I was fooling around with some cardboard tubing like swords or Kali sticks, a habit of mine. I evolved that into a small demo on Kung Fu , Kali, weapons, Tai Chi, sensitivity, sight and the commonality of basics of those things and Kyudo. A simple version of that for here would be a tree can only be as good as it’s roots.

Sunday Kyudo

When we got down to practice mine was all about my draw. The roundness or the lack of roundness. I was cutting it to short. I understand the action much better now, even after a few shots, after getting an explanation on what I was doing or rather what I was NOT doing . In the meantime I also worked on my sighting. I am getting a better feel for the moon overlay thing now. What I need to do now is to combine my “sense” of shooting and hitting with my technical sighting and hitting. Meaning when I shoot purely by feel I can hit the target, when I shoot purely technical I can get closer … now. I think part of that is to do , when I shoot technically I am thinking of all the correct places I am suppose to have stuff, my parts, alignments etc, when I shoot “feeling” not so much, I just shoot, my arm is not correct, my Ya is maybe too low, my elbow bend not right, not enough draw.etc However, sometimes when I shoot technically even when I miss it is a better shot. The feel , the sound, the hit. There are some Japanese words for all of that, those parts , plus the whole of a good shot. I do not recall what they are just now. I however understand what is meant by hitting the target is not the main point, for I can feel when it is a good shot, even missing the target. That is part of what makes Kyudo, different from just archery. It is the quality of the shot, like life, like friends, like a relationship. Nor is it the style of Kyudo one studies, it is The Quality of the shot, which includes the spirit of how the arrow hits even the backboard not the bulls-eye.

There is another aspect to my Kyudo studies which I enjoy, which is lacking in my Kung Fu studies and was one of the things that put me on the path of Kyudo practice is the Zen aspects. Practicing with other martial artists who also practice or are at lest in touch with Zen practice on some level if not formal study gives a different sense, level to general conversations about the arts and practice. It could however just be those in my space at this time.




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19 05 2009
Rick Matz

As I’ve said before, a beautiful form of budo.

19 05 2009
L’arco degli altri…… « Arcieri dell’Adda

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19 05 2009

Very interesting!!!

I link your post in my blog

20 05 2009

Rick-san, thanks always for your visit!

20 05 2009

L’arco degli altri, moto beni graci 🙂

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