Genjo-ji, Zen/Kyudo 09…day 1 – Back to the mtn

1 06 2009

After I got all my packing together and organized I headed for the mountain


I arrived about 12:45 after leaving around 10:15 from taking care of home business and a quick stop at the boat. It was an easy drive up the Mountain. Weather was perfect. A large part of the work surprisingly was done when I arrive. They were much more organized than last year. I quickly unloaded the car and joined in to help finish things off, getting the targets, netting, carpet, etc  setup.


This year I knew I could park at the lower parking lot and not at the top so I would not have to make 4 trips up the mtn, just moving my stuff. Yokatta!

We broke for lunch shortly and we all went up the mtn to the main entrance to set on the benches in the shade to share lunch and words. So far the group is much smaller than last year. Which is to be expected with things  as they are, I feel grateful to be there.


Once lunch was over we went back and finished things off for the setup. At that point everyone was free to do whatever. We had some 2.5 hours before dinner was ready .

I went to the Yurt to settle myself in, some changed to do some shooting. Some others ( not the ones from the Lost show) just took a nap.


I had picked the same spot as last year, which I felt was the best Feng Shui position for me. Yokatta that it was open. I had planned on started my blog notes on my MacBook when I discovered I did not bring my power cord. Doh!!! I changed laptops at the last moment and forgot it power supply.


That put a dammper on my plans not only for the blog but for the other work I was going to do on Don Oniisan’s blog. I could still work but I only had about 1 hour of power. Oh well. Shikatakunai! Having learned how to write when I was young, I went back to the ole school method of making notes by hand, with pen and paper. Other than that I planned to do some reading and Tai Chi practice in my free time. I will have plenty of time to do meditation with a daily 3 hours of medtation in the Zendo.


My mind  reguesters how thankfully cooler it is this time. Everyone can function and I will not have to hang out in the bathroom on the bench where it is cooler at every chance I got.


I was already roasted this time last year and wondering how I was going to make it for 5 days. After making a few notes and a short nap I still had an hour before dinner, I went for a walk. I found a spot in the Zendo building to do Tai Chi and got a little practice in right there.


While there I notice a spot outside amoung the Redwoods, I got in some Chi Kung practice and drew in some of that Redwood Chi.


After an Oiishi dinner, where I refrained from getting seconds,IMG_3861 I found another spot, a small deck which also would be great for practice. It was over looking a small forest in the back.


However as the evening drew to a close, after our evening meditation I did practice my Tai Chi but not there. I ended up just practicing Chen and my sword out in the parking lot where we had the dojo setup. Since it was dark at that point I had the place to myself.


After that I headed to the shower and turned in. I was not expecting to sleep much. I never can in a new place and bed the first night, also with turning in so early. The shower was nice after practice but it did not really help with sleep. Sometimes one just has to deal with what is on your plate. So with thoughts of being thankful for this oportunity I tossed and turned all night with short naps while the others sleep peacfully, at least to my knowleadge. I know one for sure did, he snored…loudly :- )




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2 06 2009
Rick Matz

Very nice. That deck is beautiful.

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