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4 06 2009

Disclaimer: The people I am about to speak about are not bad people, just their own type of individuals, that I, with my simple mind find curious…


People are funny, I think that use to be the name of a TV show, back in the day. However they were talking about funny as Hahaha. I’m not talking about that… so much. Sometimes things just make me wonder… in this case how does one value friendship, people, the like.

Recently I had some people I had not known that long a time, gift me with some amazing ( and costly ) things. Just out of the blue ( for no reason) just being kind. On the other hand someone who I have known for a LONG time, asked me to be the official ( as in marry them) at their wedding as a “favor”. This meant driving for 4 hours over a holiday weekend, and I was told by the future husband, “bring your sleeping bag” , you can camp on the porch or …you can stay in a hotel , these are the places I recommend you to check… and we need you to come HERE ( to us) so we can go over the plans.  Huh!?!?  Now, under normal conditions, I would not think of asking someone to do that when they are going out of their way to do something (free) for me, and never never never someone who was my/my mate’s Sifu. Beside the fact that these people I only hear from when they want something, and the last few times when asked a question about somethings LZ and I were ignored ( yeah remember that post).  What the Heck?!!?

LZ and I are having a house warming interracial couple party in honor of Loving Day ( We invited about 16 mixed couples. Nine of them never bothered to reply. What is wrong with just saying no, cannot, sorry. It is not a big deal, it’s cool. Some did not even open the E-invite. Wow!

I have met a nice couple who live pretty much on the other end of the state, some 8 hrs of driving. We have spoken only via our blogs and once on the phone. They made plans to attend. Another couple LZ and I have eaten, drank, and laughed with, thought that their 1.5 hr drive was too far to deal with.

Friends n Strangers, people are funny…ne!  You gotta laugh

…so maybe it is funny hahaha.

that or cry




One response

4 06 2009
Rick Matz

I hear you, brother. I’ve tried to teach my kids to pay attention, their true friends will reveal themselves and they may not be the ones whom they’d expect.

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