The Missing Buddha

5 06 2009

When we first moved into this complex, I was amazed to see a statue of a Buddha on the corner leading into the park area next to the street and bay. LZ called it a Ojizo-san. I would watch from the Lanai as people would stop and look at it. Many people would leave flowers and things around it. Many seemed to like it. One lady I spoke with from the hood who looked to be your typical American, I would see her placing things around it from time to time. She said she did not know who put it there, but thought it was like a good luck charm against all the accidents that use to happen there or a memorial.


A few weeks ago it was gone. I was surprised. I thought it was just away getting cleaned. Sure enough it did turn up again this time with some beads around it’s neck and looking cleaner. I did not give it much thought.

Now it is gone again, I noticed a few days ago. LZ and I notice lots of people looking at the empty spot as if wondering what happened. Not all at once, but almost every walker or jogger gave some type of huh, hey where is the Buddha pause. I saw that same lady again one day, she was there checking it out closely and on walking back down the street, stopped and spoke with a man who is always outside next door smoking. I could not hear every word but they were talking about the Buddha. I heard, shame, broken clean, who, why. When she was finished chatting with him and walking by I asked her about the missing Buddha, she said. Yes this is the second time it is gone. When it came back before it was cemented down, but not it has been broken off. It looks like the cement was not the correct type so it was not firmly place, or broken off part of the statue, but it is gone. I’m  not sure what is going on. Looks like someone may have hit it to knock it loose.

Sad, the flowers are still there. Maybe it will turn up again. It is just a stone statue but the idea of it, the spirit of compassion is nice. I hate to think that people would be so mean spirited and intolerant to destroy it. Of course we know they can be that mean spirited. Maybe though it is just being refitted, other wise that would be sad. Not for religious reasons, but because a sign of compassion is ruined by the compassionless to all things of the light in a time of darkness…that is very sad.




2 responses

10 06 2009

I hope he shows up again. I felt the loss when you told the story, even though I am on the other side of the country. It’s touching to me that so many people identified with him and have noticed his absence at some level. I hope you post about it if he returns.

11 06 2009

Thanks Shirl. It is touching so many felt something positive from it. Sadly I am pretty sure it is just history now. However if that changes there will be a blog 🙂

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