Zen Garden…

8 06 2009

I had lunch on the lanai today. It was partly cloudy but other wise a nice day.  I looked around at the garden’s development.


Early tomatoes are coming out. The bell peppers are also well on the way to being ready in another month or so.


I have Harvested some of the Basil already. I made some killer Pesto.  I have frozen some of that for our 4 ( I think)  guests coming this Sat. for the Loving Day Housewarming.


The Rosemary is also tall enough now to cut back to have a good supply for some Rosemary bread, yummmmm.


We have a fair supply of Green Onions that are not fully grown but we have been using some of the tops anyway. They are oiishii.


There is nothing like the taste of fresh grown organic veggies. Even just a a few is a treat. It is nice to have a patio with some sun for a change.


Our parsley and cilantro have been gracing our dishes for several weeks now. I do not have a large enough space to do it to really save a great deal money , but it helps with the garnishes, and the freshness is worth it. Plus there is that connection with the earth vibe , growing Zen thing. That makes it cool. LZ has her own plants that have been coming along. She grew hers from seeds, Most of mine have been from starter plants, but we have been taking care of them as a family. although she is not a big gardening person , because of the dirt and bugs, she has been getting in to it and is surprised to see how things really grow. eg: the Peppers and tomatoes , right from the flowers. The passing of the flowers give forth the fruit.


The changes/circle of life, one thing ends ( changes and gives forth) another begins. Winter to springs, etc. When one thinks, sees things that way, there really must be more to us than, birth, life,  death. Even in the garden when the plants die, they can be cut up and used as soil, fertilizer for the next crop. So even if we are just that, there is a purpose.  Grow, flower, fruit, nourish… Our fruit and nourishing can be multifaced, as we are interdependent.




3 responses

9 06 2009

I love the flowers and the way you show them! gardening is one of my biggest passions

9 06 2009

Sigh, Beth is just looking to drive traffic to her business site. I feel so used, sniff sniff.

10 06 2009

Your garden looks yummy. I wish my Rosemary looked like that. Mine is scrawny and raggedy. Sigh….

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