Good things in small packages…loving day 09

15 06 2009

There were a few friends that able to share some time in celebration of Loving Day. The few were enough to share some food, smiles, stories and energy. LZ’s food efforts drew second and third helpings and in some cases fourths. There were a couple of surprises none of which were unpleasant. The only sadness were the faces we missed, maybe next year.  I will not waste space with a lot of words instead I will just post a few pictures, which they say speak more.

Happy Loving month to all the “blended couples”.











2 responses

15 06 2009

Thank you for sharing what looks to have been a wonderful day spent with friends.
I have a friend from CA that I am so happy for. He is finally with the one that makes him shine from within and they are expecting a beautiful blasian daughter!
Best wishes always

20 06 2009

Man I wish I could have been there. LZ tore it up with the food it looks like. I would have gone in for at least five helpings. Next time I guess.

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