After the Loving…

16 06 2009

Our thanks to those who came, called, or emailed, Happy Loving Year!

After the Loving day gathering and lesson and the masses ( 5 peeps) left, we got to hang with Tokyo delegation, it had been a while since we saw them. Catching up on old news and remarking on the nice folks who visited that day. It was a quiet evening with a few drinks and taking in the evening view on the Lanai.

The next morning I made breakfast. I was up at 6:30am, and did my Zazen. After that I stated on the morning task. Homemade Rosemary bread. It was my first time using this recipe a non- gluten mix. I had cut and chopped a bunch of fresh Rosemary from our garden the night before so I was ready to go. I was pleased with how everything turned out for the breakfast feed. Even I had an Omelet. I do not usually eat them. However in this case, with my fresh cut garden veggies, a dash of salsa, half n Half, cheese…look out! “Makes me want jump back an kiss myself” owww!


Green onions, garlic onions, basil, parsley, bell peppers, cilantro… It is surprising how good things are with garden fresh veggie. Having spent time on a farm when I was a youth it brought back memories.

I forgot to take a picture of breakfast , this is the bread that was left over on Monday from a loaf…


After breakfast we took a walk through the area.


The Delegation was surprised to find that as we walked people spoke to them, hello, good morning, hi. Yes, it is a different world here. Surprising how a little courtesy can affect people. Small things, like a greeting, opening a invite, a response, a smile can make a big difference…and cost nothing. We are all connected…everyday is (should be ) a loving day.




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17 06 2009

How very cool. Sorry we missed out!

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