Tripping with the youngest…

21 06 2009

With #2 son visiting I have been extra busy, good stuff though to expose him to other thoughts, ways, paths. He is getting mature now and can start to appreciate and expanded view on things. He is still argumentative, but that is his nature and it is not in a bad way, always light hearted.

Since he has been here this week, we saw Star Trek. OMG what a cool movie!! We saw it in a renovated 1930’s movie house. It was said  over 10 million bucks was spent in renovation. Wow! The movie was outstanding. #2 thought it was good, but Transformers was better. WHat!!!!??? Kid Please! That was the discussion for the next couple of days. 🙂

I also got him started with Kyudo. He seems to like it. He mostly says it is more complex than he imagined. So many small details. He seems to like it.


It is pleasing to find something we can share as Father and Son. I think it adds a different level to the relationship. Most common for the father son bond is Baseball or Football. I do not care for either. He did Martial Arts, Kung Fu and Karate for a while, but did not want to stick with it.  Maybe this will keep his interest. Along with Kyudo goes the meditation, I got him started with that as well and exposure to Zen thought. Even if things do not stick now, maybe at some point he will draw it out of the back of his mind.

Another item that he, LZ and I did was sailing. I had taught him a little of the formalities of sailing his last visit. He still remembered them  and did well while we were out. I let him handle the helm more this time.

Zen n son

Next time I’ll let him handle some command stuff on tacking. LZ thinks that he will pursue sailing more as he gets older. I do not want to push him in any direction , just give him the exposure to things beyond, the everyday Jock stuff as well as touching and exposure to cultural things from all his ethinic backgrounds, Japanese,  Nubien, & American. Yet be a true person of the world and not enslaved by a label.




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