Tracks of the Tanuki

22 06 2009

I started the day on the later side of when I usually get up. I figured since it was Dad’s day I would be  a bit lazy in bed and chill. So I got up at 8:00. After my morning stuff, Zazen, walk, Tai Chi, i did some computer things before heading out to V-town with Ni-ban for Kyudo practice. I was told by Onii-san I should bring my camera there were fresh Tanuki tracks.

It was beyond cool to see them. Our private Dojo is up some stairs on a loft. Generally the Tanuki just climb in from the roof. I had made a sign for with the name Onii-san gave the Dojo, because of the amount of Tanuki droppings they had to carry out to make the place usable.


Onii-san had placed it at the bottom of the stairs. Starting from the sign on the step were a set Tanuki foot prints leading right up the stairs to the Dojo. Like it had read the sign went up to check it out. It was way cool.



I had given Ni-ban ( #2 son) my western archery set which he brought along to the Dojo. However it was not needed. The Onii-san were kind enough to out fit him with what he needed.  A light weight Yumi, some Ya and a Kake. Nice he was set.


So along with some extra instruction he got to do some long distance shooting. He did well it took him a bit to get settled in but for shooting so some he did well. This was his first distance shooting, he had just had his first ever shot the day before.

first shot

and his first lesson several days before that. So he was moving on the fast track.


He was showed how to handle two Ya at a shooting and also followed us doing an A&B group shot. He scored almost full bulls eye.


It was a pleasant way to spend a Father’s day afternoon. One of those Dad moments one will remember.


Upon returning home, LZ was preparing dinner. She called it simple and a bit like the Loving Day meal but with a few extras. She once again rocked the food!. Ni-ban most times visits later in the summer so this was the first Father’s day visit in a while. We paid homage to my Dad and Dad-in-law in using my Father’s dinner glasses from the 50’s. When I was a a child there was a whole set of these glasses, now there are only five left. I have 3 tall water ones, my brother has two short martini glasses. From LZ’s side we used the sushi bowl her Dad used to make sushi in.

Her and I had Lychi Sake and Ni-ban had a Lychii shakee and had a toast,


from there it was chow down.


It was a good day, here in the Bay, beside great weather. We finshed off the evening watching Zato Ichi…Ni-ban still has some growing to do in his taste for movies…oh well small steps…




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