Ni-ban’s last shot…

24 06 2009

Monday I took Ni-ban over to the Berkeley Kyudo school. It was his final attendance before heading back to home. He had been able to download lot of information in the short time he had. He had developed a good respect for the amount of effort one needs to put into this deceptive looking art. “L” gave him a bunch of pointers during class which helped his form. She asked me on the side, smiling if she could keep him for another month. She said it is nice to have a student that catches on quickly. Yes that is a treat, I agreed. She then followed with ” although sometimes it is the students who struggle that stick it out” . I had to agree with that. The ones that “get it” too fast sometimes get bored and think they know it all. We both agreed. We’ll see how Ni-ban turns out further on up the road. He has wanted to do bow and arrow fro a while so maybe he will stick with this.

last shot

As for my own practice. I feel my draw getting better. Having one’s own Yumi makes a difference in one’s comfort level, It is like a old lover you now all the moves that work. I was told by L, that I was dropping my Yumi hand when I released. She told me about the balloon principal of expanding continually with the shot. Also the story of Shibata Sensei’s grandfather’s way of stopping his hand from dropping, by placing a sharp bamboo under his hand to break the habit. Etaii!!!! oww. I tried thinking differently on my shot and expanding more. Using more of the two direction stuff Sisuk always speaks of when doing Tai Chi or Mantis. With that I was able to make a major break through and achieve nearly a full Tenouchi. That was awsome! I was shocked and pleased. Yatta!! I did it two times in a row, Yatta! I still need work so I can do it every time, but still… Yatta!

My Kyudo time will be limited for the next month or so, it is Mantis Season.  Our Tai Chi Mantis Seminar will be starting soon. Even though I’m not that sure if I will make it this year I need to be some what ready. I do want to make a trip to LA next month and while there visit the Renmai school.




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