Fri Fu w/Shifu…June 09

27 06 2009

Merry Christmas from the Tai Mantis Kung Fu Asooc.

Tonight was my first class in 2 mos I thought. However a classmate said it was three, I think that was since I saw him.  I have been almost all about Kyudo lately, it was good to get back to my roots. Kyudo is great but it is still just one slice of the pie.  It has though helped me with my understanding of Chan and Motion Chan. Even though the book Zen in the Art of Archery is not the moon, it is a finger pointing to the moon. Interesting enough I have been ask to lecture on the connection of Chan and Martial Art in an upcoming Chan retreat and give a brief class on Tai Chi with the Chan principals. However for now I digress…

Anyway I was surprised to see Fong, Sisuk there again. I am also always surprised how he makes a point of greeting me, like I’m somebody. It is nice. One day I need to sit and talk Feng Shui with him. I wonder if he is also a Chan student.

Tonight he was working with those there again on the wooden man set. I got to see the full version tonight. That is so powerful and such a great training ad. So many traps, locks, even throws, take downs, kicks. It s pretty amazing to see the full array of technique covered in the set. Most differently something I need to finish and take with me to Japan for my own training. I will not need much space for it and it really works the applications.

The Tai Chi Mantis system contains many ways of fighting and ending a fight, beside the obvious punching and kicking. Fong Sisuks, speciality is grappling and seizure. He demo’s a few pressure points and applications and explained in a fight his main objective it to take the opponent to the ground and pin him. Only do as much damage as needed to control and end the fight. It is he says more of a challenge to use grappling and seizure over punches and kicks and he enjoys the challenge of raising his skill level in order to make it work.

He also spent a great deal of time explaining and pressing the point of understanding the philosophy behind a technique, that is the real key not only to our system but any system. When you have that, you do not need forms, and not to get stuck on forms because. In the moment you do not have time to think, nor will things happen as setup in form practice. The moment is alive and changing, you need to change with it. By understanding the philosophy behind the technique you can adapt to whatever input.Ths is very much what Bruce Lee book on Jeet Kun Do is about, the philosophy behind technique and combat.

After we ate Shixiong helped me with some stance corrections and fill in some blanks I had forgotten since the last time. He also gave me a couple more moves, so I am making progress. I am glad I have Sigong’s Manual on this to reference when I am on my own. It will be helpful. Nihon will be a new training ground on many levels…and I still have much to prepare…Yosh!




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