New Age, old teachings

3 07 2009

I was quite surprised when I was over at Ling  Sisuks the other day when he asked me about Aikido or Judo and what did they teach or say along the lines of Chan. I said I never did those, but I do Kyudo. After I explained what that word was he says yes, them also. I went into it a small bit, before much  he says, please write it down, simply. I did so. He read it and replied. Hmm yea, we have this in Chinese also, but the Chinese do not speak as much about it. I want that to change! I am writing Chaung Sibak ( his elder) about this now. We have a lot of things to offer in our style but too much is spent with the forms. The students always looking for the next form. The the old days, there were no forms. you spent time working on one or two techniques and understood it in and out, mentally and physically.


Fong Sisuk was saying at my last meeting with him how the old Shifu’s never had more than  2 or 3 students. They, the student lived with the Shifu and learned many things before learning fighting. part of their training was leaning about healing and body anatomy, herbs, setting bones. It was not just come to class to learn a form or to fight.  Now they just want to get a bunch of forms and think they know Kung Fu.

Eng Shifu another time was saying, in today’s world you are not going out to fight everyday like Sigong did working as a security guard for gold shipments. What one is fighting for now is one’s health. That is the most important treasure we have to guard, other than one’s family. Training these days needs to have more health awareness, beyond doing forms and fighting. Our fighting is learning to deal with today’s society and keeping our mental and physical health. That is was we fight for now.


Ling Sisuk, was also speaking the same day I was there about how we need to stress more of the combination of the Body Mind and Spirit in our teaching and not leaning so much to just the physical. That is what will keep the student interested and understanding why they need to stand there and hold a sword for an hour in one stance not just do it,.

Three master’s, one style,  different , but the same. It is an interesting path to travel and learn. Everyday the value of Motion and Sitting Chan shows. Our training like our life needs to be multi-leveled. It’s a New Age , but the old way stil have value.


Ling Sisuk, wants me to change my morning training. 45 min Qi Gong, 45 min Tai Chi, 45 silk reeling. I should stop doing Chu Tai Chi Palm, and work on my Chen Style Tai Chi. He says at my age I need the power and it will help my blood pressure. That should be my workout, and do my Sitting Ch’an at night. Well that is not going to happen, the night only Ch’an part, I was with him up to there.  I like morning sitting. Of course to Sisuk, Kung fu / Chan is not about having fun, it is training and training is work. If Yang contains Yin, and Yin contains Yang, Softness with in hard, and Hard within soft, why can’t training be fun. It is just a mind set anyway. Just becuase you are being mindful and fully in the moment does not mean you can not enjoy the moment. It is the same moment wither you like it or not. In fact that is also Chan. Even elders’ still need to learn…
Old teaching, New Age.




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