Whoa Alameda…

7 07 2009

alamedaI do not get shocked to often these days as I get older on this path called earth life. I guess I ‘m kind of jaded…in a way.

On Friday LZ and I went to play tennis. we have several tennis courts here on the island. All free, public court, all nice, some more than others. Maybe not nicer just less people. We played for a hour or so on Friday, LZ got hurt, but we kept gong. Finally we went home. On Sat before heading off to the boat, I went ot do my morning workout and she went to take a peek at the parade. we met as I was coming back. She informed me she forgot her bag, with her camera and drivers lic. yesterday at the Tennis court. I figured oh well those are history. She wanted to go look, once we arrived. of course nothing. She seemed to think someone would find it and return it. The court was not in a aveg. kind of hood. I thought ,,, yeah ok, I’ll not hold my breath.

The weekend past, we sailed and did stuff.

Monday I am home alone. I hear this bang on the door. A loud bang, my first thought for some reason was, sounds like the police. Not that I have heard them, but the Zen sense went, that is how they would sound . I went to the door , sure enough I was shocked to find it was a policeman. I flashed hmmm, I did not do anything. What is this about, my car, parking, what?

I opened the door and he held LZ bag. “is this your wife sir? showing me her lic.;” yes, I say.   Her bag and camera? Wow I said, I’m shocked never thought to see those again. He was not very friendly, but very professional. He asked for some ID from me and gave me the items. Have a nice day he said and left.

Wow! Alameda is sugoi! Most police depts. would just dump it in the Lost and found. These guys tracked us down and delivered it. Even more amazing since LZ had our old address on her licience . Whoa Alameda! No wonder peeople love living here.




2 responses

8 07 2009

Nice story… maybe this policeman is one of your readers… you might be on the path to fame… who knows?!

9 07 2009
Dianna Harris

Ahh…the force is strong with you as well Master Luke! 🙂

Glad to hear she got it back. I know how this feels. Been there.

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