Late for the party…the Seoul Connection

15 07 2009

We had a couple of rare visitors the other day. An old time friend of mine and her husband, came by with their mini dogs. She was my first Kung Fu student back when I was a grasshopper student teacher in LA for the Tai Mantis School. We have stayed in touch through the years, since the late 70’s. That is different isn’t.  The Seoul ( like in Korea) Connection came up from Southern Ca., they were rather late for the Loving Day party but, no matter.


They only had one day, in fact one evening to hang out. We went to Scotts in the estuary for dinner. Nice place, nice view made even nicer since we were treated! It was Salmon night there that evening and everything was Yum Yummy. We had our fill, but tried not to over do it. The food was good, the music was great there was a live pianist there. The lady was excellent on the keyboard! Light Jazz , some standards very cool. My friend decided to sing along when the lady played her fvorite song.


From there we went blowling. Very conveniant to live down the block from a bowling ally. My friend’s Hubby the other half of the Seoul Connection loves to bowl. They had there own shoes and custom balls with them.  Whoa… I got some bowling tips, which improved my game. I also found even more kyudo tie in’s which bowling again. Maybe I just have Kyudo on the brain but it all seem to connect to me. After it all and I thanked him for the tips, he said there is a lot more. Things like thinking about your arm like an arrow shooting right at the pins…Whoa I thought… Kyudo my face…bam!




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