Mantis Season 09… The Tourny

2 08 2009

Today marked the beginning of our Chuk Kai Tai Chi Praying Mantis Memorial Training week. As usual the week starts with the memorial Tournament. As with the rest of the things/events during this current era it was smaller. There was a big drop in numbers. This year the only school from out of state was the Mass. school from near the Boston area. I think it was only two of them. Other wise it was the local schools, Walnut Creek, Campbell, S.F., and San Jose. The Southern CA school attending only the banquet.


However as this was our 9th year doing it, it ran the most efficient ever. We ran the operation very smooth and finished by 1:00pm.  There were a couple of Sisuk’s old students that came by. One helped, the other visited.  They were just kids when they started. Now one is an Airforce officer the other a Doctor or almost one.


The Tournament as I said ran smooth. The big hangup was getting the opening picture right. Sisuk being a Photographer now wanted it perfect. We took about 10 or more shots before it was ok. It was me who had to keep get up and checking and resetting. The one here from my one self timer is not perfect but it will work for the web.


We had two rings only this year. In the past we had 4 , then 3, Now two. Which was fine. I was suppose to judge this year but instead handled the announcements and overseeing the flow of the rings and events. Really more interesting than judging and I could take pictures. When judging, I just can only sit there and watch one ring. I like seeing everything and being able to go anywhere. ALso the power of saying , ” why arn’t you in uniform”..Enter dragon.  ^_^


We had one ring for Internal Styles, the other for external. It works well for everyone. A couple of the events had to be combined because there was only one person. It is ok, they get a handicap and have to step up their game . It is good training   🙂


This year because things ran so fast we did not take a lunch break and just ran through everything, then took a break. At that time Shixiong from the Boston school gave a Q & A session. That is always interesting the questions on the breakdown of the applications.


How the flow of the tournament has evolved is also interesting.  Now we have a small demo and group warmup in the begining. Next the events, then finally the Q& A part. After that we had out the winners certificates,  Some people got a lot of them.


with the Grand Chanpion prizes given at the eveninig Banqet.


That will not be much of a surprise knowing who will win GrandChap!   It is nice to get a large break between big events of the day, this year. Unlike some year where we rushed from Tournament to banquet. That was not fun. Everyone was complaining, rushing, tired…


Er um yeah, digression mode off…

The winning certificates were handed out and we ate and cleaned up the gym. It was a good day and just long enough to be fun with out being tiring. It is also nice to live here on the Island and not have to drive far and back and forth…Nice!

Banquet is in a few hours. Tomorrow there is a board meeting over at Sisuk’s school, I’ll be going to that, those can be drawn out. Two of my generation will not be there and only Shifu and Sisuk of the 8th generation will be there, I think. So no major events will unfold.

Then Monday  or Tues starts the week of training at Shifu’s. This will be my first yr not attending since gaining admission to the Federation. Sisuk even suggested that I need not attend with the cost as it is. It will be 90% review and only a few students. I can get my review for free at his or Shifu’s school. More on this later…

For now, some relaxing before heading out to the Banquet.




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