Mantis Season 09…dinner

3 08 2009

LZ and arrived in Chinatown, with not a lot of room to mess around and still be on time. This was due to our stopping onthe way over while leaving the island to grab a few pictures


We hit a parking problem. Were we usually park was full, I found out after driving a few blocks looking for a space. There is an Obon festival at the local Buddhist Temple. Which I thought was Chinese, but is in fact Japanese. I had no idea! I found a parking spot at a meter. But I had no change, and when I found some it was not quite enough. I came up with 1.40 something. Parking at this meter was 2.00 for 1 hour. All I needed was 1 hour until the parking pay hours where over. However with the Festival right down the street and parking tickets over 80.00 buck I was not ready to take a chance on sliding by. I had enough money for about 45 min…

I was asking LZ if she had any change. she said no. Meanwhile I notice this Asian lady putting money in a meter. For some reason I flashed on this woman. Then as she was walking by, she stopped and surprisingly asked,” trying to find some change”. Also something else I did not catch and gave me 50 cents, which then took the meter up to 59 min. Which I felt was enough. I thanked this unknown Kuan Yin manifestation and we were off to the Banquet.


I was hoping we were not late as we had to walk about 3-4 blocks. Turns out we made it with plenty of time to wait before they started. As usual we had to wait for the late comers. I’m pretty sure that is standard for most groups.


It started as usual with the thank you /greetings stuff. Then the 9 th generation lined up in front of the Sigung picture and memorial. Next were called up the 8th generation instructors. We bowed three times with a stick of incense to the Sigung’s picture Chinese style and the banquet was official on.


More typical club stuff talk and the handing out of the Grand Champions prizes. They had three division winners as well. Internal, External, special. Plus over all Grand Champion.

No surprise  who was taken home the Grand Champion Sword...again

No surprise who was taken home the Grand Champion Sword...again

There was a bit of a shake up at the meeting. Sisuk is the new president this year. He wants to have a committee of his 9th generation seniors run the presidency, with him as a figure head. It is kind of complex. I really did not pay attention to all of the speech that was made as I was told by Sisuk what he was planning. I missed some of the details in the speech given by his senior student. However I got the jest of what was going down. I was surprised at the applause’s afterward.

After the awards it was time to eat. I was ready. I was so ready I forgot to take pictures of the meal other than the left overs. Doh. Anyway we at the Veggie table had what we thought was going to be a untasty meal turn out to be pretty good. Three large fresh vegetables plus an assortment of fake meat type soy things.


Even though the Tournament was noticeable smaller the banquet was not. There was a large group up from LA, plus friends and family so the banquet size was smaller but not by a great deal. We ate our fill, socialized a bit. Then slipped out. Usually there are group pictures, but this year, it did not get organized. I was glad, because Sisuk wanted me to be in charge of the shooting. in other words work…

Hot sweet bean soup for dessert, ...traditional Chinese

Hot sweet bean soup for dessert, ...traditional Chinese

I saw that people were leaving I said nothing and just let it happen as it would. Some pictures were being done, but they were small groups. More people left. Still small group pictures, some of them with Sisuk in them. I sat still. Soon it was noticeable that no group school shoots were being done. Yokatta. I wondered briefly if this had to do with the speech, but did not question what/why, I just went with it. So I still  quietly found my Shifu and said good night and slipped out while Sisuk was busy. I ‘ll see him tomorrow. It was a good evening and complete when I had no parking ticket on my car…Nice!




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