Mantis Season…Training…Coiling Dragon

5 08 2009

I had not planned on attending this year due to fiances, but I guess I was suppose to because once again a way was provided for me. _/\_

Tonight was the first of a week long practice , training seminar at my Sifu’s school for the Members of the Federation who wish to attend. It was I thought going to be a really small turn out but it was fairly good sized. The one difference this year, from in the past we had groups divided doing different things. This year to my surprise everyone except Sisuk’s senior student was given the task of learning Coiling Dragon Three Sectional Staff. Not an easy weapon to do. I was surprised they put my student in with the group. It did made sense because of  amount of people and she is hanging in there. I would not have , but Sihing from the Boston school, wanted the seminar to be a challenge. The three Sectional is a cool weapon, another favorite of mine.

Sisuk and his senior student worked on jian ( gim) technique, applications. I took a few moments from time to time to watch what they were doing and compare that with what I knew.


I had learned a Northern Shaolin Three sectional staff, which was pretty complex but in a different manner. However the Mantis Staff is,  I would say from the small bit we learned is more about fighting than show. Yes the Shaolin version can be use for combat of course, but as is the Nature of Mantis it was more down to business and less flash than Shaolin. The handling of the 3-S is a little different and in some was more detailed. It should be an interesting set. I am glad I choose to go. I feel with all the restrictions on weapons in Japan, it is will be good for me to focus a bit more on the Non bladed weapons, Staff, Short sticks, two section Staff, three section staff. I will of course have my stable of the Dao, Spear and Gim ( my favorite) , but weapon forms, drills, application will lean more toward the wood weapons for teaching.


Anyway back to the Dragon. I  like the short bit we were working on tonight. It will be interesting to see the dragon revel itself over the next week of study.

Day one went well at the seminar, what was really different for the past was the temperature. It was on the cool side and not burning up hot as in the many years past. I heard this was our fifteenth year holding these seminars. I have been going for at least 12 of them and they were all hot before. This was a nice change. It was also it seemed to me more relaxed this year over all. I’m not sure why. Maybe because Chiang Sibak was not there, so Sisuk did not feel he needed to push so much, …maybe. Of course it was just the first day.

We did not get into the heavy Physical workout stuff this time. We went through just a small amount of warm-up then right to business with the form. Maybe due to the time factor in learning this form and still getting in some Throws, take downs, and falling drills.

The ride home was interesting listening to Sisuk, explain to my student who is a horseback rider the similarities in horse riding and doing Kung Fu. Controlling the energy, controlling the body, unifying them as one unit, rather than several pieces, “Chan is one, not two” . Earlier Sisuk said something to me when I was doing the Coiling Dragon opening, reminding me of two directions and the way he showed it, made me flash on the same movement in making a Kyudo shot. I will need to try it next time.




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