Mantis Season…Training…Coiling Dragon – day 2

6 08 2009

Day two of the Coiling Dragon, was pretty much the same as day one.  We did not spend time on the opening drills this time around, we just got down to it. I am noticing many Kali/ Escrima like motions in some of the moves. The difference is having the third section in some ways limits movements, but in others it give one the added power, security blocking power of the middle section. I am glad I already am fairly familiar with handling the 3-S so I can catch on to things pretty quick, but just need the practice making them smooth.


I only whacked myself a couple of times on the finger when trying to close and catch the dragon as it was recoiling. Even that having worked with Kali was not a big deal, that happens a lot when working with a partner doing Kali/Escrima.

The new moves added tonight are making this a very cool set. I’m liking it. I’m thinking it maybe my demo set for when I need to do that sort of thing. I like it better than the Whip Chain. Not as much twirling as the Shaolin 3-S version and no ground work. Yet some cool moves and footwork as well as the handling of the 3-S. In working one thing, you are working other aspects of the system and coordination’s as well. Very Cool!


My student is hanging in there, but she is starting to have problems now with the set and it gets more complex from here. With the added pressure of only having really another two days to absorb and remember enough to be able to practice it, it will be a challenge for her. She wants to get a set of the rubber practice 3-S so she will not be so afraid of being hit. At least with those she can practice in the park with out getting busted by the police and I can work with her on the details and getting it down. This will also help me remember it. The reason why I say busted by the police is I believe that three sectional comes under the same Law as Nunchukus. Which are big time illegal here in the Sunny State of California, unless you are in a school or going to or from a class. No way in the park!

Weds is day 3, I think we will be 2/3 done.




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