Mantis Season 09…Final training…Coiling dragon – Day 5

8 08 2009

Ahhh, made it. The week was pretty good, no spilled blood, mine or anyone else and no bruises or breaks ( for me). Nice! Also not as tired by the end, tired, but not as  tired. As we finished the form on Thursday, today Friday was review and Q & A.


We also spent a lot of time drilling the application today so people wold get a better feel for what was going on really working the Three Section Staff.


We paired up and went through several different drills. That was nice, and mostly fun. This went on for most of the session today. Other than some photos in the beginning. we spent the whole day drilling and practicing.

Chi Chuk Kai Tai Chi Praying Mantis Seminar group CA 2009

Chi Chuk Kai Tai Chi Praying Mantis Seminar group CA 2009

Not much to write about ( not many readers anyway) one of those things you had to be there for.

Afterwards, we had dinner and presented our appreciation gifts to Sifu, SiSuk and Sihing. Instead of our usual gifts of a certificate, I picked up some engraved key chains this year, something somewhat more useful than more wall paper.


Ling Sisuk (Walnut creek), Eng Sifu (Campbell), Hung Sihing (Boston)

Dinner was mostly BBQ in house this year, in the past  we always ordered out. We had less people this year and everywhere are cuts back so it made good sense no one minded. There was not much for me but enough that I got to eat my fill of salad and pasta also with a bit of scallops.

After so many years of training together, the four schools had a relaxed social chat during dinner with a few beers and wine. A good time was had for all, with plans made for the 10th anniversary of the Tournament for 2010. Next year’s seminar is suppose to be all about application of techniques and real life fighting with Bum Bu the oldest and basic Mantis form for all systems. That should be interesting…for now, practice. Yosh!




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9 08 2009

I remember a friend of my brother’s fooling around with triple sticks when we were younger. When trying to twirl both ends, he managed to hit himself in the forehead with both of them! He knocked himself clean out.

9 08 2009

Lol, Yeah, that does happen. I almost did that with one myself in the past. I saw the stars…

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