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10 08 2009


It was my plan.  ok sorry , digressing early. I read this joke. It said , Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans… (^_^)  so ne!  Ok back to the story, It was my plan to go practice Kyudo on Sunday. However due to some travel plans to Zen Mountain for a Kyudo seminar, Oniisan could not be there. Ganbatte Oniisan!! Enjoy the trip!

LZ was on vacation this week past and made me this very Kool Kyudo Glove Bag for my Tanjoube this week, out of some left over material from s/v Zen’s curtains. It would have been it’s first outing into the world. Oh well another time.


Ok uh yeah, the subject… anyway, no Kyudo on Sunday. So I took it as a message to get some other things done. I did some misc things in the garden, which has become LZ’s garden as well, her meditation place.


Her Chan practice, working the garden , touching the plants, picking off dead leaves and what not. Sometimes with a glass of wine.


LZ loves our island life so much, that even thoughts of moving back to Nihon have reservations. This has defiantly been a case of bad turning good for us, having to move. Even through we are still struggling, and I catch glimpses of shadows and the boogieman from the side view, we are still grateful for now and trust in the Force brings light to the shadows. It is good we can live simple and enjoy the gifts. For even in the the days of shadows, we still enjoy the sun, while many live in the darkness…


It is nice that the Lanai garden space has turned from my project to our project… even though it is called Zen’s garden. That is more of the broad seems of the word zen, as in meditation, not Zen as in me, or the boat ^_^


LZ has gotten into growing the flowers, herbs, and veggies. It is nice having fresh items on hand, even if it is small amount. It also helps with the food bill. Not a lot, but some as I said is better than none. We are finding what we can handle growing here and still have open space. Tomatoes are doing well, and Sugoi Oishii, so amazing from a little seed, …like us a miracle.


The Garlic, Chives, Basil, bell pepper are doing good, nice to have on hand. The Japanese eggplants are starting to show promise.



LZ has also taken to using the Flowers and herb inside the house for misc display deco’s she comes up with. They had a nice effect to the house, It is good Feng Shui.


Glass bowl of water with herbs in a glass holder

very Nihon style using just one rather than many..

very Nihon style using just one rather than many..

Seeing the plants give up fruit is like watching a miracle. Even though I grew up part time on a farm it is still miraculous to grow your own on a patio. I think it gives one a certain connection, sense of the earth and nature, perhaps even respect. Seeing, growing one’s own food from the soil. Same like fishermen I suppose, pulling survival from the living sea.

It was a full week last week. With the Seminar, plus helping Simo with her webpage for the shop. As well as going out with Sisuk to practice photography. He is planning on having me do more things at his shop.  Which is great! It would be even greater if the money was enough I could survive on. Well small steps, and a little something is better than nothing. As long as one breaths there is a chance to do better…Yosh!

I am expecting things to be pretty quiet on this section Zen’s Sekai for a couple of weeks, maybe one more on Watashi no Tanjoube raishu…maybe just for my records.  Next weekend LZ and I are off sailing we are heading over to a club meeting for an overnight trip. Hopefully will meet up our Osaka Posse and hang out a bit. Anyway that will be on the sea version of this blog. The Sat. after that there is the visit to the San Jose Kyudo school, where they do “martial art”, “Kyujitsu”. Speaking of which let me say this, doing Kyu- do, Kyu-jitsu, Zen Archery, whatever is a state of mind when shooting at a target. That state of mind can be targeting your inner ego, a charging enemy samurai, food, or simply a paper with circles. There is no “Martial” (Kyujitsu) way no “Zen” ( Kyu-do) way. There is only your minds way. “Free you rmind, your arse will follow“…Funkadelics

Ommmmm Ommmmm…

Next week is the beginning of a new cycle for me and there is only three more years left before the move. I need to adjust and focus on “Tao”. We are planing to visit Osaka/Kobe next year to get our bearings. I have my fingers crossed on making it to the Kyudo event in Tokyo. Testing or no, it would be an interesting experience. I’ll plan for it, but will see with the Universe/God/Tao/ Great Spirit/Allah/ The Force/ “Na” short for Nameless . I am on good terms with The Nameless and can get away with the nick name thing…sometimes… ) has in mind. That always over rides everything. I just try to go away with it, the best I can. Wanting to be where it takes me  ^_^


Mata ne!




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10 08 2009

great garden/ great bloggin
Keep on

11 08 2009

In the end, we choose our own lives. You’ve chosen well, my friend.

12 08 2009

Arigato gozaimasu Matz-san ^_^

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