Go Ju Ku Kai…Ohayo Tanjoubi

12 08 2009

Clouds before sun

Ducks feeding in the marsh

I dance with the dragons…

I am off to a good start, as the day slowly unfolds. I able able to get up just a little after six and was cushioned by 6:15. I did a longer sitting this morning…I forgot to set the timer. I must be getting old ^_^


The morning was quiet, cool and gray with the heavy marine clouds that like the SF bay in the summer. It was pleasant and good for a morning practice. I gathered my Sword, and Three Section Staff and headed off to my practice spot beside water’s edge.


It was early, yet I still had a few visitors to watch my morning drills. The local squirrel hung out for a while to take in the sights of a slow moving human. That always fascinates them. Once there was a small family sitting on the rocks watching my Tai Chi. I wonder if they notice the mistakes ^_^

Next a Chinese couple came by and asked if I was doing Tai Chi. The man wanted to talk, the Obasan just spoke and said a couple of quick things about Tai Chi and walked on. The Ogii-san, had more to say. I did not get it all, Something about Kung Fu and practce.  I was stronger than him..knowing the system… self defense… The eyes…stronger than him… but he knows, then walked and talked… enjoy yourself…the system…something…enjoy…something … something


Next after dancing with the dragons of Steel and wood,


I headed home, for a shower and a sit with the Dalai Lama.




One response

12 08 2009

Your t’ai chi sword? It looks just like the one you recommended me to buy!! And to see you standing, ready to start….. (and no tassel like mine)

I really miss it. But my teacher is still not teaching, and is the only one in the area who teaches sword form. I shall practice tomorrow.

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