Go Ju Ku Kai…new growth Part I

12 08 2009

Tanjoubi eve…

Zen-san Otanjoubi Omedeto Gozaimas. It has started, some about 30 min plus yrs. ago…on the other coast…what a long strange trip it’s been…


My Japanese maple gave forth a bunch of new limbs. I was delighted. It had not been looking that good lately, kind of tired… but I then noticed new life.


My Black bamboo, one of of my favorite plants also produced new branches after looking pitiful for a long time. It had tried to branch out a couple of times before but was unable to make the jump. The shoots died. This time there is a new spirit. It seems to have taken some time to adapt to the new surrounding here, also more water helps. I hope these are good signs for me as well. Symbolic of the times…

I’m starting this Tanjoubi blog the night before the day. This will be kind of a boring for some, but it’s not written for you (^_^). It is not really about anything other than a day in the life. So it is kind of like the Jerry Steinfield show but not as funny. Except it is watashi no Tanjoube and next year I enter a whole new realm, time to crack the whip.

I did some running around today, ( translation : which means, I did some errands). One of the main stops was to start my new business license process. One thing for sure it is not as easy as it was in my old county. This is kind of a pain. I had other things to do, so after being sent to a second office and given more forms and then told to wait, there were some in front of me… I left and will return when the office first opens on Thursday. On Friday we set sail for Coyote Point it is our birthday weekend sail trip.

Here is the plan for Weds. It will be all about me…we’ll see how it unfolds and compare… Up at sunrise for Prayer, Zazen, and Yoga. Breakfast, a walk by the water, then practice. Chi Gong, Chen Tai Chi, Chou Tai Chi Sword, Mantis, 3 section staff. That should get the old chi up and going. Next finish watching a DVD given to me by my buds, Team Buddha. The Movie/Documentary is called Dalai Lama Renaissance. It is very good. I wanted to watch the whole thing the other night but, it was getting late and I did not want to drift. I figured it would be something to reflect on, perhaps get some guidance from, on the day. So I saved watching it. I’ll have more to say on this flick later. So far I like it. All those world brainiacs are funny with their we are all that…attitude. We ( especially certain ones) know what it takes to save the world. Not all of them, but enough that it is noticeable, at least to me.

Next up I’m heading down to the boat. I’ll write, kick back, do some sailing, cleaning, whatever from the Marina the rest of the day. Then hookup with LZ early evening for dinner and top it off with Jet Li’s Fearless DVD. with Drambui over vanilla ice cream and some popcorn for the munches… let’s see how it goes…Yosh!




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