Go ju ku Kai…Konbanwa Tanjoubi

14 08 2009

The sail was not uneventful, in case you who have not followed the story so far over to the By Sea site. In short, I thought it was going to be a very relaxed easy sail and in a way it was, but just a dramatic ending, terrifying. (Not really but it gives it some flava). Unexpected. anyway. Moving on.


This is kind of weird or something, maybe just a coincidence. It is said though there are no coincidence. Remember my loyal readers, all 4 or 5 of you, when I spoke of the Chinese couple this morning. The elder saying things like, your eyes, I do not know the style, you are stronger than me, ( something Sisuk says a lot, the humble Chinese thing. ), doing self defense. then walking away…

Coming back home this evening I park my car away a little further away than usual. I happen to look over and I see two Chinese Lion Dance suits. I look closer I see there are weapons, Plaques, trophies, all around, all neat and organized. Did I say weapons, Chinese staffs, spears etc, etc. There is enough stuff there to fill a school. I look for clues on what this is about. I see Hung Gar. A strong southern style  but not one I had an interest about. So that was a bit of a let down. I also see that this stuff belongs , to not just a master, but a grandmaster. Wow. Now I’m thinking. Hmmm I wonder if there is a connection between this and that Ogi-san from this morning. That would be weird…The weird thing about weird things is… they happen. It would be like a movie if this was the old guy from the park passing by. a great master, being simple, childlike in his connection to the Force. When the student is ready the teacher will come. new birth…wow, I’m just kidding , I used to watch a lot of Chinese Kung Fu movie’s. In fact it’s on for tonight. baby

LZ made an Oishii-ban go han!! Light, but filling and Tomatoes from the garden.


Arigato gozaimasu. and the dessert, my idea. Sugoi omai.


The day is winding down and I got everything done. I hear the Mouseketeers song playing in my head, That means it is time to wrap it up boys and girls. I’m off to watch my Kung Fu movie and reconnect with my chid-like side. My last joy of the day. Otanjoubi Omedeto gozaimasu, zen-san, Rai ne wa ganbatte ne!


Oyasumi Tanjoubi:

The movie Fearless was a great choice. It was based on a true story. The group , school, Association they are talking about is where both of my systems Grandsmasters came from, Jing Wu.

Both  Chuk Kai Sigong ( Tai Chi Mantis) and Wong Jac Man Sigong ( Northern Shaolin ) were instructors with the Jing Wu. The show spoke of the strong martial ethics governing the operation of the Assoc.  Codes of conduct that are still in effect today. What gave it a finishing final coolness for me was in Jet Li’s last fight his weapon was the Three Section Staff. Seriously Cool!




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