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27 08 2009

IMG_0516It has been a while, seems like a long while since I was out at RSD or Tanuki Dojo in Japanese it can be called politely. Three of the Four regular members were there. The Fourth, the eldest shooter will be back next week. He should have some interesting tales to speak of from the SC Renmei seminar. It felt good to be shooting again after a break of a few weeks. Also having my own equipment really changes the attitude of shooting. I am still in gratitude to my Oniisans for arranging that. It was a real driving force for getting serious about my practice.

I took a couple of Chikurin style shots to start with before going into Renmei practice. Right off the corruption of doing two styles showed up. I was told I was holding the Daisan too high for Chikurin-ha style. I was doing a Hybrid of the Renmei and Chikurin-ha style. I need to make a mental note of that for the future. Good to have it pointed out, so I can make the adjustment. Like the stances for Yang and Chou are different in Tai Chi, one has to program themselves for the adjustment.

I asked one of the Oniisans that knew of the people down at the SJ school, what was the deal with the school. Since I was treated much different in person than from the Email. He was surprised to hear that. I will not go into all that was said. A lot has to do I believe with personal style of people skills, personality and let it go at that.

I am leaning toward seeing about officially joining the LA school. Yet that has some complexities. The SJ school is closer and the Sensei is good, however the Sensei’s no Gosujin’s attitude still leaves me a bit uneasy. Even if not on the surface the underlying attitude of the school would still be expressed by his attitude as a senior member.  Even though Kyudo is not considered a Spiritual Training aid to them, I find it is to me. That is one of the main draws with doing it. Otherwise it is just another Martial Art about fighting (or killing) or sport, this time with dignity. It was said by an ancient Zen master  Suzuki Shosan, that anything can be spiritual training. There was once a large Zen sect that played Sakuhachi as Spiritual training. I do not look at Kyudo the same as doing Chan, but it is a vehicle. It is part of a holistic approach to living. As is Kung Fu to many a Shaolin monk. Suzuki Shosan a Samurai turn Zen monk once said ” farming itself is a Buddhist  activity”. Who is to say one can not become enlightened by pulling on a bow string. Well other than the person who wrote me the email.  Newton was enlighten by a apple falling on his head. What is enlightenment anyway? Deepak Chopra says, enlightenment is a change in perspective. I wonder what the Dalai Lama would say.

IMG_0526Anyway, back to Tanuki space. One Oniisan who went to the seminar in SC gave us some Kyudo T-short as Omeyage. That was thoughtful. ne! There were several discussions about the different ways of bow drawing and sharing of things learned from the SC seminars. There are rumors I’ll say of some type of convergence of styles in teaching or paths as it were in the making. Not in an official out of Nihon sort of way , but on a USA real life shooting sort of way. New alliances, a expanded Kyu-do. I had a conformation of that last night whilst chatting with a fellow Kyudoka. Funny how things get more complex when peoples ego and personal agenda’s get in voloved. People are a trip.

So now faced with a choice of paths, at least a perceived choice I have to do some meditation and prayer to conclude which way to pursue. At first I thought about the convenience of a local school, but then my personal goals had to be clearly viewed with my own principals also balanced with the real life facts of fiancees. Along with factoring in the reality that my Kyudo practice accomplishments have nothing or very little to do with my long term plans for life in Nihon. I do not intend to teach and there is a, I am finding out a ( perceive or real) code about not teaching Kyudo for profit. So that it does not become a Black belt mill like some Karate schools. Anyway my Kyudo practice is all about me. My growth, my development, my balance. The side effects of that are about, for others, my students, wife, children, grands, parents, employers, friends, family. At least that is what I thought up until a conversation I had last night. It seems it could have a larger impact.




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27 08 2009

Rats. I left the comment I meant to leave here on the Shotokan post.

The best laid plans of mice and men are about the same.

27 08 2009

Yeah, I hate when that happens (^_^)

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