Kyudo Sunday – Aug final

31 08 2009

kyudome copy 2Kyudo practice on Sunday was short for me. I had an errand to do for LZ so I left early. It was however a good day, different for me but beneficial. The whole RSD team was there that day. We did some experiments with video taping to observe draws. It went well. I passed on the taping for myself. I had enough already I needed to work on correcting. Even though part of  that is my draw, I had my own practice outline in mind. Holding the Yumi and the Ya correctly while just standing, finger placement on the Yumi, the grip for the Ya when shooting. Remembering the Renmei sequence for shooting.

I really really need to be able to just do some quiet solo practice. I found a spot at the Apt where I am pretty sure I can setup a portable Makiwara Dojo and get some shooting time in at will. I just need to get to the place I can make a small investment in that. Another plan is to be able to setup something at the local temple nearby. I think once a good relationship is setup with the Monk there I can pull that off, since he is a Martial Artist as well.

I did on Sunday, even with not much time, find what I think will be the best ( at least for now), breath draw combination. That was something I have been thinking on since my trip to LA and the planned to make the change over in Styles. Like many things in the Arts it came when I was not thinking about it, it just happened and I went Oh Snap, that feels like it. One of those Zen moments. Even with the short time at practice it was worthwhile to get that and the cool picture posted above.  It took some time to setup that I could have been shooting, but the visual artist needs practice too.  🙂

It was not the one I wanted, but I know now it can be done.

I reached out again to the SJ Dojo via email, thanking the Sensei for allowing my visit. I sent it out , with LZ help, totally in Japanese. That was for two reasons, one was to by-pass if possible the first person contact, and to better get the main Sensei’s attention. Also I wanted to establish my own impressions of the Sensei and her style and not rely on someone else’s. Even more so when you get conflicting statements from people. I received a reply the same day. It was nice and fairly warm. I did not directly ask to become a student but did get some positive feedback on walking that “Do”, in about 6 mos when an opening maybe available.  Yosh !




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