A Blasian adventure in Monterey

2 09 2009

It may seem like from my posts that all life here is about Chan, Kung fu, Kyudo, the occasional Music venue and sailing on the other blog , oh yeah the garden . However we do get out and just have some fun. In this case we had a trip to Monterey to visit the Tokyo Delegation with our Posse from the Philippines. As most likely the largest Blasian group seen at once there, and in some case we drew some stares. Not a lot but some.


It was a a fairly easy and hot drive down to Monterey from the Island. after we gathered we headed out on a walking tour of the Cannery area and down to the water front. The weather there was perfect as was just hanging out watching the waves.


Our next stop was suppose to be for lunch but we opted for wine tasting instead at what I think is the best wine tasting place there. The staff knows our local host and we get treated very well.


We all got samples, after a while the guys hung out at the bar and the ladies sat by the fireplace, doing girl talk.


Our next stop was a tour of the Naval Post Grad. school and a visit to the Trident Bar for food and libations. Mostly figure foods and light drinks. This time I remembered to take off my hat before entering although the place was fairly empty this early in the day.  We had a good time joking with the bar-keep he was a funny guy.



Our next stop or stops because we made several of them was over to Pebble Beach to catch the sunset and do the shoreline tour.


Great scenery and hou$es all along pebble beach. Amazing amount of money there and views.


the famous Monterey tree

We ended up at the golf club house and facilities taking in the sights.



Tiger was here...

Our next stop on the tour was over to Trader Joes for some food before heading back to spend the evening with some snacks wine, good music and laughs before making the late night drive back to the S.F. bay.


winding down

It was a good low cost trip and visit.

Next, up I’m heading back to LA. again to visit my little borther and for a Chan retreat. I had not planned on attending this year, but God said, I got this Yo!




2 responses

8 09 2009

Checking in on you, nice trip pics. You live it bro, I give you that. I’m hoping to experience those dreams in my goals.

p.s. How did they make those pics effects?

11 09 2009

I did the effects

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