Fri Fu with Shufu – Aug 09

2 09 2009

I arrive at Shifu to find, Fong Sisuk there talking with a Sihing who had not been around for a while. I do the greetings thing to all present and go over to a quiet corner of the parking lot to warm-up and practice. Tonight was HOT, the hottest it has been in while. It was like practicing in a sauna , yuk. I started with some Chen Tai Chi then moved on to 3-section. I am getting more comfortable with the 3 section again and the new rubber ends helped the weight problem I was having. Another classmate and I worked for a while on reviewing the form learned at the seminar. I did remember all the parts but it was good to have someone there just to validate I was not missing anything. After about 8 times through the set I started feeling a little weird/sick. Too much energy out put in the heat was not a good thing.


After a short break I moved on to Tai Chi Jian. My brain was not quite sharp with all the heat and I was confused on a couple of things. It was nice to have the Sihing who taught me the form review it with me and get my direction confusions corrected. I was a bit turned around.

Once I completed that to the point of satisfaction I went inside to find Fong Sisuk going over Jian applications. Sticking, Strike point and how many of the techniques relate to our Mantis style. he also explained about sparing with swords and said that when doing jian (gim) one is not suppose to touch the other blade. That is a sign of low skill level. Doing the form is only the first step in training,  the attacks and defenses are about attacking the points used in acupuncture, as well as sticking also about footwork. Not about hacking and cutting like the Broadsword. Footwork and movement are a big deal with the Gim. He gave several examples. He also spoke about following the tip of the blade, with a Jian it is not about cutting with the blade it is about the point. The use of the jian is intricate like a surgeons knife.

Following that it was time to eat and the chats. These are always interesting and Fong Sisuk always has good things to share about old school training with Sigung. We also talked about weapons and skills, part of that was why learn so many weapons and sets. Part of that is to carry on the system, but also with the weapons it s about the skills gained from each. Kwan Do, for strength, for example. One learns the traditional 18 weapons, but usally finds one or two that they really enjoy and works with that one ( or two ) the most. Same with the hand forms there re many many sets, but one picks a few to work with the most and hopefully master.  In some cases it seems like he was speaking right to me, and sometime he was. Validating my choice of focusing on just a couple of weapons and extracting skills from that, that would carry over into other areas of my training/skills/Art. As I see Kyudo as a extension of my Kung Fu and find the places where the relationship goes back and forth, not only making me a better martial Artist, but a better teacher. Which is my goal, as asked by my blog bud, Rick.

Sisuk spoke on how he was “blessed” to be able to work and train with a couple of the Old Masters. They were a different breed than the “New Masters” . They not only taught fighting, but Life, philosophy, healing, good ethics, and morals. Do minimum damage when fighting, which is the smallest part of kung fu. Do enough to stop fight, so no regrets later in life about maiming someone. The art was not ( and still should be) all  about violence, but it is there when needed. Kung fu is about living not about killing. A Sihing of mine said once, Shaolin is about Love. My Chan study validate that the true foundation of Shaolin is about compassion and love and being one with the Force. Kung Fu practice, training, is about self defence and protection, but it is also about compassion, healing, love. This is the true teachings, this is my training goals to pass that on, to help other seekers, to better myself, Physically, Mentally, Spiritually. I suppose if I was not on the path to be a higher level teacher than I am I could narrow my training down to a thin line Laser focus,  and at some point it will be. Even now it is norrowing the “beam” but it is a 6 inch beam rather than a 1/4 in beam, because the target is bigger. If you are shooting a laser at a person a fine line beam is good, but if you are aiming at a city, a fine beam is not as beneficial.

It was another good meeting. It is aways interesting and feels special to be part of such a skilled group. It is a blessing and an honor to be able to learn from such a pool of knowledge as skills. I will miss the companionship and camaraderie in Nihon.




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