Boats, planes, bike and rain…

14 09 2009

It was a pretty full and fun weekend after some disappointments during the week.  I suppose it is that balancing thing or karma balancing someone commented. The Kung Fu class with the Alameda P&R dept was canceled. No one signed up or not enough signed up. I have no idea which. I did not even know it was canceled until I showed up and there was a sign that said so, not even a call, just a sign in the window. ( I did get a call today saying the Tai Chi class was a go with 13 people signed up.)  The guy running the Aikido school never sent me the contract for sharing space as he said he would. …sigh.  Sometimes it rains with no water…

Friday LZ and I went to the All Islander Gathering at the Encinal Yacht club. We went by our boat. It was the shortest and easiest trip we made to be with the group. We were able to motor there in about 10 min. Instead of being one of that last to arrive, we were one of the first!


We got there hung out for a while then went to the Super Market to buy stuff for lunch. When we got back the O-posse was just docking.


LZ and Tacoma Hime hung out the rest of the day. That made both of their days be able to bud around and do girl talk in Japanese and not listen to uninteresting sailor talk in English.


Sat. LZ and I went to the Cal Air show in Sacramento to watch the Thunderbirds.



LZ was very excited!! This was one of her dreams. I was not all that into it, interesting but not all Jazzed up like her (^_^)


However since she is always coming along on my Boating stuff, I wanted to make sure she was there for this. I had been dealing with a cold for the last few days, but managed to get it under control for this event. I had a folding chair which I found our spot then sat. LZ took off with one of my cameras and went everywhere! She was like a kid in Toyland.


I saw her once in a while as she came back to check in. It had rained that morning before we left to go tot he show and it rained a little while we were there. I was very glad I brought along the umbrella, not only for the rain that hit, but for shade from the burning sun late in the afternoon. The show was interesting. The technology of a few of the planes was impressive. Like the Raptor, that plane was almost like a flying saucer in it’s moves.

bomb doors open

The planes, like the Navy Hawk flying at faster than sound speed was really impressive. You could be dead before you heard the plane that killed you coming. Another things that was impressive with these planes is not only can they go really fast, but they can go really slow. There was this huge transport plane that could land and take off in a VERY short space and bank like a fighter, and backup on the ground. It was amazing quiet.

too fast to get a fly by shot

too fast to get a fly by shot

We left the show around 4:00pm, we got bused and trained back to our car. BTW, there was serious security there at the show! From there we went back to the Yacht Club. Just in time for dinner! Good timing, but the dinner was a Big let down, for me anyway. Being a vegetarian all I had to eat was a lot of salad ( lettuce, a few tomatoes, onions and cheese) and fries. I did get a couple of glasses of wine and dessert. That was sad, but my choice of ( healthy) life style so, I can not really complain. LZ had Chicken, salad, beans, fries, wine, cake. The cake was decorated with the logo for the Islanders this year,


sadly it was not as tasty as it looked. Sweet but no flavor. oh well. We did have good company to hang with the members are all nice folks. The ladys from Osaka got to hang out together , instead of feeling left out and dealing with English, English English. It is our hope that both the mothers can come visit next year, they can travel together and help each other.

Sunday I pedaled on LZ’s bicycle back to the marina to move the boat. Which is from one side of the island to the other. I got my early morning work-out in. I was the next to last to leave. Everyone else had taken advantage of the fair morning winds and left early, I’m guessing right after breakfast.When I got to the Yacht Club there was only two sailboat left, mine and one other Islander.


Two lone islander sailboats...

Last one to leave turn off the lights...

Last one to leave turn off the lights...

This was another change, usually we are the first to leave generally at sunrise. I did the short motor back to our marina, where I did some cleanup and met my slip neighbours.

It was my original plan to head off to Kyudo at RSD in the late afternoon. However, I started feeling the effects of the weekend and the cold that was still working on my body. My internal power supply was getting low. Following one of the phrases from the Tao Ti Ching about know when enough is enough. I canceled my plans for Kyudo practice and changed them to stay home and rest. It was wise. It rained that evening when LZ got home, perfect for staying home and chillin. After a lite dinner of some leftovers, I built a fire, we had wine and just kicked back for the rest of the evening. I felt blessed and thankful to do that. We both had a good weekend, fun and did not spend much money which is a very good thing, since we do not have much to get by on. With good blessings or karma however you want to look at it, we were able to get the max out of a little. Part of the trick is to spend as little as possible daily then you can have a little for fun and be grateful and pleased with small things. We are blessed to be able to do a lot, but live and enjoy a modest life.





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17 09 2009
Romulus Burnett

You’ze is tha MAN, Zen. Damn, I want a boat. DAMN, I want a boat. I don’t know when my life will eventually yeild such fascinating fruits as yours is currently yeilding. But I’m going to try my best to keep my sails in the wind.

Keep on climbing, Z!

18 09 2009

Man you live the life and really get around. Good for you. I really have to learn from you. I am like LZ, my son and I LOVE those air shows. We always go see the Blue Angels when they are in San Diego. I’ve never seen the Thunderbirds. It really is so cool to see what those jets can do. managed forex trading</a company. Check them.

28 09 2009
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