Trust The Force Luke…

17 09 2009

mapleTerra firma Star date 09.16.2009, The sun is out, but the air is chilled…I’m playing a CD sent to me by my Heart Chan elder brother. I am giving it a sound review before passing it on to my younger blood brother.  I believe it is a musical version of the Diamond Sutra or interpretation. I’m not sure. The label is all in Chinese and the only English is Diamond Sutra. I wanted something to help guide him with doing Meditation I got him started on. This is not what I had in mind but, perhaps this is better as he is a musician as well. This has nothing to do with this post…hmmm maybe it does, because the plan, like most do sound good in the quiet of my mind.

The Tai Chi class at the Alameda Park and Rec dept, appears to be off to a good start. Yay!  There were 13 people signed up. 10 of them actually showed up. yay! So my Monday’s are good for an inside space and teaching Tai Chi. The Kung Fu class on Weds was canceled not enough enrollment. I spoke to the office and they will run it with only 3 people. If I find three people…I do have a plan. It seems the perception is Kung Fu is for children or youth, not adults. This I suppose tells me my focus on Tai Chi is good for my senior years and for teaching in Japan Tai Chi will be the bread winner.  Also tells me to put in some more time training with Ling SiSuk who is a Tai Chi Master so I can raise my skills. Who I will be training with this coming Friday.  Anyway, it maybe worth cost to pay the fee for three people and have an inside location for Kung Fu for the winter and consider two times a week next enrollment period for Taiji… maybe…I’m not feeling really confident with my plans right now…I’m feeling a major flux. An recent update to this is someone who is interested in the class said that maybe the class did not go because people maybe have been overwhelmed with thought they could not handle it. I should have put for any age, any level. A lesson on advertising…

I went to the Buddhist Temple Karate class on Tues. and practiced Shotokan with the Rev. Sensei. We went through forms I have not done or thought about since I passed Black belt many moons ago. I really see the weakness of the movements, I also need to remind myself to look for the strength. Not just the Physical strength, Shotokan is all about power, but the training strengths. It is a good practice for me. I need to remember any training is good training. My only fear though is re-picking up funky ( bad) habits. It is also up to me on how this training will be, for me as I am the only other person beside a little guy about 10 or 11 yrs who does not take things seriously.  Nor does Rev. Sensei. He wants it to be fun for the little guy, understandable. The class is very casual.

I asked Rev. Sensei about having Kyudo at the temple. It was not a real positive reply. The temple Board has to be consulted, maybe difficult with insurance issues, and something about being a temple member, better outside than inside, nanka nanka ( something something), see how the Karate goes…sigh. It was a very Japanese un-no, but not yes answer. Which usually means no, but they do not like to just say no. That too direct, rude. Interesting though that their Karate is very direct and the language is indirect. Oh well, I will continue with the Karate practice and attend services at the temple, extracting what works for me. I do find the service  interesting and the spiritual connection I think is a good thing. I feel rather comfortable there. This Sunday is Ohigan Service. A major service, which does not relate to my Chan practice, but does relate to my Japanese culture studies. Although, LZ says Japanese rarely practice Buddhism these days or go to temple. I think except for certain events. Kind of like Christians here mostly turnout and only practice real Christian things on Christmas and Easter, maybe Thanksgiving which is kind of weird considering the dark story behind Thanksgiving. Anyway it does put me in somewhat more in touch with like minded people of which I find few. Also meeting people period maybe I’ll even make a friend. The Church I really like is the Unity Churches, all except the part where they hold hands and sway. I can not get into that. Anyway back from the digression, I will not bring up the Kyudo again to the Rev. Sensei…at least not in the near future. Perhaps a demo for next year’s Summer Obon festival. Too late for any place to practice nearby before the test in Tokyo plans…oh well. It is tricky finding that balance between pushing so something can happen, and letting God/The Tao/ The Force do it’s thing…letting go and letting God…  Meanwhile, I’ll be like the Tao and flow on. See what God has planned for all this. Remember that joke about want to make God laugh…

I do think Taiji would be something that would be of interest there at the Temple  with age group that seems to be there. I am hesitant about bring it up. 1. because it is not Japanese, 2. I do not want to be pushy ( un- Japanese and a turn off) after just asking about Kyudo, 3. the Spider (Zen) sense says wait for the Tao to show the path… “Trust the Force Luke”

I’ve  still heard nothing from the Aikido guy, I’m unsure if I should bother to pursue that path. With no income to support a commercial space, it may not even be worthwhile to dream…right now anyway. On the other hand, reality starts with a dream, put another way,  dreams are the seeds of reality.

The Temple was my best hope for a practice space near home…maybe. Everything is a maybe. There is a Chinese story about an old guy who said “maybe”  (or was it “we’ll see”…hmm whatever ) whenever people commented on his good luck or lack of…

Meanwhile the cold shadowy fingers of no job still creep closer…”Trust the Force Luke”




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