Invasion…Zen vs the Rat(s)

22 09 2009


I must be weird, all this over a Rodent. Last night LZ brought in her tomato plant for the night ino the living room. I put a cage on mine. This morning I find out it they are also eating the cilantro plant, they use to eat the bell peppers, but stopped for some reason and do not touch the eggplant. Yesterday I had decided ok, enough, Hammer time. LZ says, what about blah blah, you do not like to kill anything, and they  will still come with the traps… Ok, then poison I say, this is too much, germs, get into the house, blah blah. Ok she says, Decon ( posion), no trap. We are back and forth with the discussion.

Then she sees a Spider, I have to kill it. I hate that! Spider are our friends, ( some anyway) the discussion goes on about the Rat. Spiders and bugs are lower life forms she says. Much less Karma, Rats, mice further up the chain… This continues, on to abortion, the Dalai Lama, bugs, etc…

Interesting enough she met a Japanese woman at her work she had not seen before. As it turns out, this woman teaches Japanese at the Alameda Buddhist Temple I have been going to and knows the Rev Sensei. She , the Oba-can called LZ the other night and spoke about this n that and also about Rev Sensei what a nice person he was and about his interesting Sunday sermons. LZ was impressed.

This was brought into the Rat discussion. Did you ask Rev Sensei about this Rat business/ No I said, but since I will see him today for Karate practice I will ask. Let’s see what he says…

to be continued




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