Sunday…a mixed bag

22 09 2009

Temple Service

I had a couple of things to post and this is out of sequence, but no matter. The 3 or 4 who read this blog will not care about the order of things I suppose.

alameda cluds

This past Sunday I got up and did my morning Zazen before going to Sunday  service over at the Alameda Buddhist Temple. It was one of those special services, like Obon but different This was Ohigan. The day of Spring equinox or is it Autumn equinox hmmm anyway it is the day of equal light and darkness. It is said a day of not too hot or cold. It was really on the warm side but that is not the point. I was told by Rev. Sensei there was service this Sunday and I read about it. It sounded interesting so I figured to go. I could get a better feel for who attends this Church/Temple.

I got there on time and took a seat. The service went somewhat like my last visit. but more people. Organ playing on entering, introduction my someone,  small amount of chanting, then standing for a song. Then the Rev introduced the guest speaker and he gave a sermon. Some of it had to do with our oneness with all things, also form and formlessness. Then and chant, then stand again for a song.  Then it was over. I like the services there, simple, to the point, done. Still the format reminds me of a regular church service not a Buddhist temple. I was a bit surprised to see a Afriamerican couple there and from their greetings to and from people they have been there for a while.  The guy spoke to me when they were standing in line for the offering, I bowed but did not get into a conversation with him. it was not the time.

The Rev. Sensei remarked several times do not go home after the service there was lunch being served, so I stayed. I was surprised at the serving. Wild Salmon, green beans and rice with a veggie salad. Plus some cream puffs and cake for dessert. Wow! I was expecting some lite snack type something. Cool!

Being as shy as I am I sat with someone I had met before. I was joined there by several others. One of which was the person who does the newsletter and photography for the temple and a couple of friendly ladies who helped but everything together for the lunch. A few basic intros, questions and the like. A while late I moved and sat next tot he visiting minister who was seated near by. It was said he also did Karate and the Rev Sensei introduced me that way as well. We spoke on Karate, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, meditation, Kyudo and the like for a short while before people started cleaning up and he had to go. It was an interesting morning at “Church”.

Books and videos

I was shocked to find that the library here on the island is open half a day on Sunday!! I found there was a DVD I wanted to borrow on Sat but O had already reach my max with season 4 of ” the Wire”. So I came back on Sunday to borrow “what the Blip do we know”. I was even more surprised to find a small crowd of people waiting for the branch to open. Having went to church first and hung out there I was still 20 minutes or so early for the branch to open but there were already people waiting, there was a good size group by the time it opened at 1:00pm. I guess part of my shock of them being open on Sunday was that just a few days a go the Public library in Philly was almost shut down form lack of funds, but here this one was open on Sunday ! Wow Alameda is great! Another thing about this library is that they have a large Japanese book section!! Another big shock. LZ found this out the other day and also had plans on stopping by on Sunday after she got off work to check out some books after getting her card. She was very pleased. She s they have a larger selection of Japanese books than even the Asian library in Chinatown Oakland.

However sadly for me, the DVD I wanted was already checked out, I will need to come back until I time it right. I did however pick up a couple of others DVD one on the Dalai Lama. I like seeing stuff on him, one of the great spirits of our time. I would love to met him one day.

kyudome 2

RSD Kyudo

Finally back to Kyudo practice in the evening. There were only 3 of us shooting on Sunday, so there was no waiting. After a small amount of chit chat I had at it. Again I was concerned just about my handling of the Yumi with the Renmai style. I shot only using that on Sunday. I had forgotten the breathing pattern I come up with so went back to my old method. It worked but I really wanted to give the new a try. I thought of it again after I had finished for the day, shucks. Oh well next time.

Anyway it really does not matter in the big picture.


alameda moon

sigh..I’m bummed, .I went through a lot of hassle and wa$ted money , I did not have to spare to save those rodents lives  and it will cost more in order to make everything work out..sigh. I do not have that kind of money  to just blow away and there is the major hassle of dealing with the plants and the cages and the watering …


rat proofing

Sorry rats , “a mi tuo fo”, It’s Hammer Time.




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