Friday Fu – Sept

24 09 2009

yin yangIt is not Friday, nor is it with Shifu* this time. That is actually tomorrow however, I will not go, SiSuk and Simo ( who is not really my Simo because that means wife of the Sifu but it is what I call her anyway) are coming over for dinner. LZ and I have been planning to invite them over for an appreciation dinner for a while. If not for them we wold not be here in this lovely Apt. However this is not about that.

Last Friday, Sisuk had his senior student come down to Shifu’s studio. I drove Sisuk and we met up with a few of Shifu’s students. It was Sisuks plan to have us all review the 3 section staff form for the tournament next year. Also he wanted to work on tuning our Taiji. I was all for that. It was good timing for me as I am starting the new Taiji class with the Dept of P&R in Alameda. We are going to be working on Yang 24 and Chen 24 with SiSuk on these extra Friday night session. Sisuk is talking about once a month meetings, like what we have with Shifu end of the month. Fine with me, I need the training.

Sisuk had us go from the very beginning, we worked on over and over, just the opening, body alignment, arms, elbows, balance, opening step.  Big emphasis on tucking in the hips and stomach. I was scolded for not being better. He said living as close as I live to his shop I should be coming by more to practice with him. My hips and chest are not loose enough, I need to do more breathing drills. I should be speeding 30 min a day doing just blah blah. So 30 min on that, 30 min on this, 1 hour on this, 2 hours on that, etc etc. When does one live, sleep, work, practice the other thousand things!?! sigh

Anyway all I can do is my best! Ganbaru!

We spent next hours just doing this, the opening stances and positions. SiSuk also spent a fair amount of time lecturing on the similarities and differences between internal and external training   The next hour was spent on a weapon form. Sisuk is not big on the 3 section I found out and wanted me to learn the Horse Cutter form. This was taught at the seminar two years a go. I did not learn it, because I wanted to work on reviewing my basics with Chiang Sibak. Sisuk strongly suggested that I learn this Horse Cutter set from my classmate. I have never gone against his wishes , but this time I have/ will. I said this is another form I have no time to practice. I learned a Kwan Do set, the 3 section helps me with timing, catching, etc. Sisuk, Shifu, and another Sisuk are not always in agreement of things one needs to learn. For Example, Ling SiSuk does not think the wooden man set is all that helpful, Fong Sisuk does. Fong Sisuk says with not having a partner, to train with the Wooden Man is the next best thing. Anyway I will not air the natural little disagreements of the family, there is no need. On the item at hand, I will not learn the Horse Cutter unless I am told out right learn it, or explained why it will help my Mantis or Taiji. These days I need to think on what will help me in Japan. another bladed weapon to deal with in Japan does not seem practical considering how troublesome it is to import them. To me, this is just another form I do not have time to practice, it will be wasted.

As usual after our practice we have  informal late night snacks and drinks. I will miss being able to go this Friday, but this dinner is important to show gratitude, I can train next month

Park And Rec Tai Ji Chuan

The Taiji class with the P&R dept is good. There are some 12 students still after the second week. I will not push these guys, none are what I would class fast learners. It will be a slow moving class, which I think most of them will appreciate and need. I let the students in last class know there are additional classes available to those who were interested. Several of them asked about it after class the location and stuff. I gave out my card, but only one showed up to the Weds class. He, I think will be a regular. The others were interested in the Sat class, we’ll see if they follow through. I do not expect much.

I am thankful  to have the Tai Ji Class established and pickup even one extra student to the regular class. It makes me feel like I have a school again and there is really  Tai Chi Mantis of Alameda ( Bay Shaolin Alameda). Of course even with one student there is that but it gives the other student a sense of being when there are classmates. I’m hopeful this will continue into the summer perhaps with some more Kung Fu students by that time, perhaps we will even have a showing at the tourney this yr.

* I mix dialects when I write, I do the same speaking sorry, life is short, deal with it.




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26 09 2009
Romulus Burnett

Wow, man. Your breathing drills are really intense! But you know what? When you have an instructor that is that serious about his expectations and you can meet those expectations you take something away from that class that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Hey, Zen, where the hell is Zurui? My link to his website doesn’t work anymore. What the hell is the deal, man? And have you checked out Tswoopey’s blog out lately? She’s stepped up her game and she’s doing well with her marriage. check out her blog:

26 09 2009

True, that Veng!

Zu, is still in house, with a bun in the oven. You might have hit the link at a change over.

I do drop in on Tswoopey, she is tight!

Hey are you on facebook?

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