Kyudo update Sept.

28 09 2009

It was a good afternoon for Kyudo practice. There is a certain peacefulness that comes from practice in the late afternoon out at RSD. Peace and coolness, because out on in V-town it can get pretty hot and more so in a warehouse.The whole Tanuki clan was there for today’s session.


I remembered today to work on my breath and timing it with the draw. Perfect. It went as planned and fit nicely,  maybe a bit slow but it works for me fine. I can increase the tempo if needed, I was however pleased with the pattern. The one of the other things I worked on today was correcting my Ya location on the draw. I tended to raise the Ya tip. Not a good thing. after a few times of that and my Sempai saying something. I was able to make the correction, with some more mindfulness on what I was doing. Lastly was my aim, breath, draw, and hand position was today’s project. I was able to maintain most of my Ya hits within 12ins of each other. Yay!, I was pleased with that.


I’m getting a better feel for the Yumi and my aiming locations, with the Renmei style…nice. It was a good day of shooting.




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