The storm continues…

19 10 2009

The storm had past several days ago, but there was still talk of it, some good, some not so good. In Temple Sunday, Rev Sensei spoke of the storm and how it cleared the air, it was good for life. He also remarked on how our spiritual life can be like a shower for our lives, washing away the negative energy like the storm washed away the smog and bad air. A spiritual life is needed to refresh our spirit, like the earth needs a cleaning storm to refresh the earth.


I went to Kyudo practice Sunday afternoon. Results of the storm were also present, this time in not so positive way. We practice in an old warehouse, some of the windows are broken, which is how the Tanuki enter. There was a plan to cover these broken and open windows with plastic, alas it was too late. During the Typhoon, the rain came in…big time and damaged the floor. It did not ruin it, but it is no longer pristine as before for having a pool of water sit on it for a day or so. We have a work plan this weekend to cover the windows. A bit like closing the barn door after the horse is gone, but it will save the rest of the floor from further damage.

Sunday practice at Tanuki was different, somewhat of a challenge. We share the space with a company, we are in the loft. There were workers there this Sunday, doing their thing. Sadly their thing included playing NPR radio..loudly! The only peace that was there had to come from inner peace and mindfulness. It was a test of focus and mindfulness to shoot. It was not a bad practice , just different. In a way good training as one of my former Sifu’s said, one can not alway go sit and face a wall to find calmness and focus. In the real world one needs to be able to tune into that at any time, under any conditions…




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19 10 2009

I just love the image of you and the bell. I find it moves me in a very deep place, beyond sound. Very healing.

“May the sound of the bell penetrate deeply into the cosmos.
Even in the darkest places, may living beings hear it clearly.
May all who hear it awaken from forgetfulness
And transcend all anxiety and sorrow.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

22 10 2009

Thanks Val. I like that shot as well. There is another I like in front of a huge Buddha, that will show up at some point.

23 10 2009

Ah, Val, It just came to me, it not something that I can form in words it is a formless understanding, to transform it would lose it’s value. The picture, siting, you… the bell ringer, of course

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