Kyudo no Unko mada Kuso desu…

2 11 2009

ya and yumiIt was said, “a Rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. ” The Tao says that for every yang there is a yin, it also applies to this statement and could be phrased “a Bull Dung by any other name would still stink”

I am finding out there is a lot of BS that goes on with-in Kyudo organizations I have come across. Stuff that they say they are above. There are two factions basically in the states those that say Kyu-do is the way and those that say Kyu-jitsu is the way, ok three, those including the Japanese that say there is no separation.  Like Zen/Chan, Chan is one not two. There is no duality. duality, separation, “our correct way” is about ego. Maybe it is just an American thing, we like to add our own BS to things. However, human nature is human nature and the Japanese  most likely have their own form of BS as well. Anyway, there are those that say building spirit, raising one’s dignity, is what Kyudo is about. Yet even with in the ranks of these “higher” types there is still the regular, human ego, this is “the way”  Unko.  Being fair, this is the same BS that goes on within some ranks of Kung Fu , Karate, Religion, Zen,  basically anything that people let their ego’s get control. Some get on some power trip. Er ah, hmm oh, yeah then there are those that say shooting is what Kyu-do is about, it is a Martial Art, we teach it as such, in it’s Pure state. “We are more serious about AKR Kyudo and making sure that it is practiced accordingly.”

Something  I have heard from my Kung Fu Shifu’s and Sisuks,  in my pursuits of skills, “there is something to be learned from everyone and anything, any path”. No one style is better than another, this is just our style, our way. Maybe that is just their Shaolin Chan humbleness influence or maybe it is just me dong the same thing, saying “our way” is best. hahahaha.  However, seriously though all things, all groups have Yin and Yang, good and bad, sometimes one out weighs the other.

Here in the states as said there are two main bodies of Kyudo and sadly within both I hear about backstabbing and political issues, Jeez. How tiring is this. I guess the thing that is most disheartening about this is,  the ones talking about dumping the ego, being ‘pure”, shooting pure, are blinded also with their own image as much as the one who are martial . Do not aim at the target aim at yourself…then there is, we are the marital way the true way..the true Budo, …oh please.

What is it Jesus said about the log in your own eye!

Chan is one , not two.

All life is one, not two!

Kyudo is one not two!

So what has me all bent out of shape and on the rag….

Well I can not go into details because that in some cases would be betraying a trust. Which is kind of Ironic because in some cases  and in a way this is about a trust betrayal. It is also about “clicks”, for my non-American readers a “click” is an exclusive club or group of people. Who if you do not think just like them, you can not play with them. The other reason it is speculation on my part from info gathered. So I do not want to slander people.

Basicly, I’m very disappointed at the close minded clicks of people who think they are the true way and look down on everyone else and think their Unko does not stink. I just want to shoot better and not get stuck in the muck! I do not want to deal with someone’s ego trip or Political BS,  I have plenty of that with our government.

I will say this, Karma, people Karma! You do crap , you will have to walk in it someday.


…end of rant

This post may not make sense, but I feel better writing it.  (^_^)

It is not over yet, I’ll be back…

…and now back to our regular programing




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