Drama this , n Chan that..

15 11 2009


This is from my dashboard:

Top Posts (the past week)

The Storms continue… 73 views

Kyudo no Unko mada kuso desu… part II 13 views

Friday night Kyudo 8 views

Watashi no Shugyo Renshu 7 views

Heart Chan/Zen @ Berkeley 6 views

Bamboo in the Storm 5 views

The Finger Pointing To The Moon 4 views

Kyudo, Life in a small space… 4 views

So what you may ask. Well, here is the thing…Up until last week my all time consistent top post for the week for months and months has been : Kyudo, Life in a small space. I wrote that a couple of years ago , but still it gets major hits. Last week I posted about the problems I am dealing with, no money, health issues with the family and my hits on that went off the hook. People like to read about other peoples problems I guess. Makes theirs seem smaller, or misery loves company?? I guess that why bad news sells papers??? Yet out of all those readers only a few left a comment, thank you those who did for your show of compassion. Anyway seems people like to read about Drama and people issues more than anything else, at least here.

My other high viewer, though not as big, last week was about Kyudo. I generally get more folks stopping by to read about Kyudo. Very few other than my on-line buds leave comments. But this time, whooohoo, a couple of guys got their Hakamas all knotted up about my experience. My relating of what happened to me. Kind of funny really. Many of their points were valid, but hey. Like the finger pointing to the moon, depending on where you stand the angle is different, but it is still the same moon. Nor is the finger the moon.  I’m telling from my angle. Still thanks guys for saying something, few leave tracks in the sand. Again though it is Drama, controversy that got the draw.–


So a little update for those who care. My Step father is improving, we went out to see him a few days ago, he was awake and even able to try to laugh at a remark I made about my Mum’s Cooking, in addition to leading a group prayer of thanks around his bed. His improvement made a big difference with my Mum’s attitude. As for the house, it seems to be working out that they can rent for up to 90 days. Another major blessing. That will give them a chance to make ready for a big move to the East Coast where family property is kept up and life will be gentler financially. I still need to deal with my youngest brother’s situation. Thanks again for your well wishes.



I went to our monthly area Chan meeting on Sat. It had been awhile since I went, do to whatever reason. Today I made a point of attending. One of the elders was in town and attending. I relate well to him. We took him out to lunch at a local Chinese place and got to chat as a small group of “elder” family. It was warm and comfortable. Without any close friends around it was good to feel the “chi” of the group. After lunch we took a stroll around the local park before going to the meeting.


At the meeting we had a long meditation session and practiced a new form of Chakra meditation. I was good for about 45 or so, then lost focus once the soreness kicked in big time on my legs. We had a discussion afterward which I will not go into, but it did help me feel better about some things in my head and heart even though we did not talk about “those things” in the discussion, however for me there seemed to be a message.


It was a long day starting with Tai Chi /Kung Fu class in the morning, ending with a Chan class in the late afternoon.  A day of good blessing.

Coming next Extreme Buddism




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