Bodhi Day…

7 12 2009

Today or here about is Bodhi Day celebrated as the day of enlightenment for Siddhartha Gautama. At the Alameda Temple it is also the memorial Day for those temple members who passed away in Dec. Also there it is the day to honor those of the Temple who are 88 and over. In Japan the age 88 is special, having to do with rice and it’s maturity at 88 days, so a person is considered mature at 88 yrs. So there were three things celibrated at the temple today. I figured with it being memorial day for those who passed, I would go and burn incense for my bother and make a donation in his name and ask for a prayer form Rev Sensei. My Brother was not Buddhist nor really Christian so I figured, why not, this way his spirit will have a couple of bases covered, since I know Mum will cover the Baptist side. LZ and I also burn incense and candles for him in the Japanese tradition at home, I figure the temple prayers would give and extra kick.

The service was short as usual, then I spoke with the Rev Sensei briefly and went and sat down in the community hall. I was shocked to find there was a Bar Setup for the event. Yes a Bar as in with booze. A couple of the seniors who came over to speak with me made a few small jokes about it. I really did not see anything wrong with it. No one was going over board, following the middle way. A couple of the older ladies made a point of chatting with me a bit. One even sat down with me at the meal. She was nice, a survivor of the Hiroshima bombing. Reminded me it was not that long ago. Another lady who befriended me was in the Japanese concentration camp in Arizona during the war. It was interesting how they could laugh about it now. They really experienced the ups and down of life.

There was a large crowd there today, it is a big change from the small services that happen weekly. It was nice to feel part of the group in a small way, even though I am not a member, they always make me feel welcome. I really see the benefits of these groups churches and temples as one gets older, these are the connections with the community, I see how the church looks out for my Mum in her time of need now and also how the Temple supports it’s members. This, for the Buddhist groups here in the states is an American blending, since in Japan the social aspect, contacts are not there within the Temples, it is not part of their culture to socialize in that manner. I did find it interesting when speaking with one of the senior ladies how she left a similar temple over in Berkeley and came to this one because of the Politics, there. We humans and our politics can really screw up good things. Ne!




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7 12 2009
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