So this is Christmas…

26 12 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…the yr of the Tiger approaches

The Lady Zen and I spent a quiet holiday at home. We only went out once which I will get to later…

He had a few nice Christmas cards and wishes from a few friends and family. LZ had worked the night before so she slept in some on Christmas day. Our Day was pretty low key. I took on the task of cooking for the day, so no worries for LZ who was still recovering from an illness. I started with breakfast. Panettone bread into French Toast. Real Maple syrup , Smart choice “butter” spread, some soy bacon, Low sugar orange juice. Healthy, filling, and Oishii!!

We just hung out after that for a while, took some pictures, talked about Nihon and visiting in April as a business trip. We have close to only two years now to make ready. We made a few calls, as no one called us, but LZ’s bud who we visited a couple of days earlier for a small Christmas gathering

We spoke with the parental units and also the family in Kobe via land line. Disappointed to hear our cards did not make it in time.  I, on purpose did not have the computer running. We did our Christmas day prayer at the temp memorial shrine for my brother where I put some white origami cranes. So it was his first Christmas with us in a way.

Next I started lunch. I prepared pupu’s. Water crackers with, Edamame and humus spread, Smoked Salmon with cream ( low fat) cheese and red onions, artichoke/Jalapeno/parmesan cheese spread with tomato slices and some champagne to wash it down. OISHII!

More hanging out, more pictures, more talk on this n that, no computer, no TV, just some holiday Jazz on the radio. A bit of a nap… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (^_^)

Dinner time, I had started some the night before, the candied Yams. Those I pre-made, Yams, maple syrup, healthy choice “Butter”.

That was just a reheat for those, the main dish was Wild Salmon, I baked it with Garlic, ginger, Lemon, “butter” pepper, onions, carrots, and few other veggies.

When almost done added a few more veggies and Tomatoes so they would be Hot but still raw and an another plate of raw veggies and Humus dip Oishii!

Served with some Riesling Wine . It had a cool sail boat on the label, so I felt it was perfect. It was!

We took a few night pictures, then went for a short drive to look at some of the area’s light decorations.

Low key, and filled with gratitude, Christmas is about, good will toward “men” and the birth of Christ. Even non-Christians should be able to relate and celebrate, the true spirit of Christmas It is not about shopping. We were blessed in being able to do a small about of gifts for a few but did not break the bank to do so.

We lived the thought Christmas is about what is in your heart not what in your wallet. That was the theme for Christmas 09′

Happy Holidays

The Zen Clan




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29 12 2009


My name is Benjamin. I maintain a site featuring short zen poems at I was hoping to share my poetry by asking you to add my link as a resource in your “Zen Links” section on your website. Over 250 zen poems, free to browse. Thank you.

Short Zen Poems – Mindfulness, Meditation



31 12 2009

Hmmm Benjamin , seems like your post on my blog is all about you. Kind of rude ne! Not even hello, thought your blog is interesting, something social. Just do this for me.

31 12 2009

The salmon looks delicious. When I write the poetry you find at my site, I am not thinking about who it is for. It just comes out and then I feel a need to share it as it was a gift. I trust my instincts, and put it out there. I am not looking for conflict at all. If there is no attraction present, then this should stop here. I wish you all the best. We are all in this together, but it doesn’t mean we always see eye to eye. Again, Namaste.

31 12 2009

Benjamin, My issue is not your Site or your art. It is the delivery. It just comes off like most of the over 4,000 spams I have collected. There are others who have come to ask for a link, but they will say something like: “Hi, I’m blah blah. Your site has some interesting posts, ( or something polite) I’ll have to spend some time reading them or I can relate to a lot you say. Would you be interested in sharing links? It could help us both. Here is my site…”

Of course it could just be me being too sensitive or a jerk (^_^)

Another way of looking at it is, you will get that much more people dropping by this way than if I just listed it. Nice eh! hahahah

Happy New Year… _/|\_

1 01 2010
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