Final Sunday 09′

28 12 2009

LZ and I stayed home on Christmas. I called my Mum but did not go out there to where she lives. I was not up to dealing with the traffic and LZ needed the rest. However the Spirit told me I should go today. I did so, and got my rusty dusty up and made it over to her Church for service. Of course that made her day.

It was a long service 2 hours well, really 2.5 hours, I was 30 min late and it ran over 30 min. It was entertaining. The children choir, the band, the adult singers, the younger preacher, singing and preaching, very dramatic. So different from the quiet service at the Buddhist temple. I liked them both, both have good messages, the Baptist message is delivered with more fire and flash…and a bit of guilt thrown in. In her church it is more the worship experience than just going to hear the message, sermon, lecture and commune with the Shanga or fellowship. I would love to play with the band, I could get into that, but that is not going to happen with a 1.5 hr drive each way and then a 2 hrs plus service. Besides not feeling like I really fit, but it is a nice place to visit, with a lot of caring people. I am thankful my Mum has them in her life.

From there we went by the nursing home to visit my Step Father. He is out of the hospital and getting physical therapy now along with dialysis 3 times a week at a Nursing Home. He looked much better physically. He was on his way to dialysis when we arrived, so could not stay long…I still have my concerns about him.

So since it was fairly early I took Mum to lunch. I ordered a house salad, and fries. She ordered a monster double Cheese burger. This is a woman almost 90 yrs old. She asked why I ate like that, still a vegetarian, did I get anything worthwhile or was it one of my “things”. My reply was, I am the only one of the children who is not diabetic and the only one who is a vegetarian. Even if it is not the whole reason, it is enough of one to stay the course. Most of the rest of the meal was her commenting on how the burger was too large, she did not expect that. I said, it is called a Monster Double Cheese Burger what did you expect a Kiddy meal? She ended up taking most of it home. We do turn into kids when we get older ne!

I was on the road after that, heading to Tanuki Dojo for some Kyudo practice. I have been waiting to try some of the things Sensei had went over with me last class. After digesting his words I think I had a better idea of what was suppose to be happening. I also gave some thought to what my coach from Germany, the Markster had said (^_^) I was pumped to try my Hikiwake. I still need to work on it A LOT but I think I am on the right path…

As it turned out, I was the only one there practicing that day. It was nice actually. Peaceful to have the place to myself and just shoot. I think I did about 30 shots before it got too dark and I had to close up Even before that though I did try a few shots in the semi-dark just to feel them , not see them. Like “zen” sailing practice with the eyes closed to feel the sailing.

I’m treating myself to a movie tomorrow. IMAX 3D- Avatar. Everyone is talking about it, including people from my Chan practice. They like the movie and the message. I thought it was Avatar – the last Airbender, But it is not, that is later next year I’m glad I checked out the previews otherwise I would have been really confused (^_^)

I’m expecting it to be quiet for the next few days, sooo, perhaps mata until next year. May we all have a better year, in health , love and money, Ganbattemasho ne!  Yosh!

Happy New Year…bring on the Tiger!




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28 12 2009

Your private coach checking in…
omg if my masters knew…
I once offered a comment on a fellow students form (he asked) – I was in deeeep trouble.

I watched the video a few times.
Well, hard to see but looks not at all bad.
The right hand looks fine actually. Right shoulder is still a bit higher in both shots but then you can’t be everywhere with your attention. Often it takes a while just to feel it. That is why external feedback is important.
That’s my excuse anyway…

Hanare looks quite nice and sharp. Ok, for the student of Insai-Ha letting the bow slip is a cardinal sin but for beginner shomen style archers I’m told it is ok. Still, the lower arm of the bow is faster due to its shorter length and will kick forward unless you work to hold it. So no letting go…

What I did notice (first shot) is that after Hikiwake moving into Daisan (? we don’t have that – we have sanbun no ni…) you draw down, then you seem to suddenly “switch on” the right arm. There is a sudden increase in hineri and the hand changes direction.
I am guessing you are pulling with your hand/shoulder rather than your back at that point.
If you try to pull your shoulder blades down and back you will feel like you are moving forward “into” the bow. The forces will be directed into your torso – shoulders then just hold but do not have to work to pull. The result is a smoother draw with less obvious effort. The body position in Kai is more stable too and allows you to concentrate on nobiai etc.
Maybe after Hikiwake, pull your shoulder blades down deliberately and as you open up the bow pull them together (actually your shoulders should push apart but as a feeling “together” works better).
Here’s a clip of another star of youtube practicing – you can see he is completely using his back to draw – form is very stable – in Hanare the body moves forward ever so slightly. Centering yourself in the bow – as you release you move forward in line with the bow.

A dry exercise to give you an idea which muscles I’m talking about is to hold your arms as though you were carrying something – elbows by your side, arms pointing horizontally forward, palms up.
Now rotate arms outwards horizontally, elbows at your side still. That movement comes not from your shoulders but the muscle between your shoulder blades. That is where you pull to center the body in the bow and the forces within the body.
The opening out of the bow uses your lats and whatever the muscle is I just described. Shoulders only really stabilize.

Anyway, looks pretty good as it is.

The Padre Pietro thing is just a nice “Christmasy” story. He had a calling to do what he is doing. No-one knows how he survived in the beginning – now he has support for as far away as Germany…
I think the Article is just a biog. I just sent you the link so you had a picture of the man and his work. He looks like just a little old man, nothing more, but he is moving a mountain… when your heart is full of joy…

…well keep enJOYing the shooting.


29 12 2009

That should have been Markmizer. Hahaha.
Anyway thanks for the advise. Yes you are correct the right engaging is too abrupt. That is my next challenge more back, less arm.

29 12 2009

Yey !! Whew whew.

Whiz Zing ……..

30 12 2009

Happy New Year Zen!

31 12 2009

Last comment in the year of the ox…

something for you to give a critique on…

I thought it only fair as I go ’round telling you what to do…

Next year will be all about form for me. This year was about finding the limits (-the bar currently stands at 20kg which I am still having trouble controlling).
The clip reflects that – just working on power, bone geometry, pulling with my back only, not letting go of the bow (- yugaeri happens regardless actually and not that the bow does not drop through the hand after release).
Not pretty I know… but that is for next year.

Anyway, I was impressed with your clip. It shows that you are trained in movement. There is a nice fluidity and control in your shooting.
So he is a genius after all.. ; )
The comment on using your back and letting go of the bow was kind of heki to ryu specific. You are actually looking pretty good.
As the heki motto is kan chu kyu ( we aim not to give away any of the energy in the shot. That means driving the bow forward, strong Tsunomi No Hataraki and not allowing the bow to come back.
So that was more about my school than what you are practicing here. Still correct body geometry and efficiency contribute to form too and not just to performance.
Once you have it the dynamics of shooting work better and you can work more accurately and with less obvious effort.

Anyway, happy new year to you.


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