Akemaste Omedeto Gozaimas! 2010

2 01 2010

Ohayo Gozaimasu. I am sooo sore, like I had been doing Kung Fu day yesterday instead of Kyudo. I guess anything one does from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm that is physical will make one sore. I did not feel it yesterday so much other than my right arm spazzing out on me. Which turned out to be a good thing, because it helped forced me to discover the right way to use my glove,  thumb and grip. Then other than some discomfort later that night after stopping it was not so bad. Today I feel it! However it is a good pain because I feel like I made some headway with my practice.

I read a disappointing letter last night with sad news. My first Kyudo teacher “L” from Shibata Sensei’s School is resigning as head of the Kinko Kyudojo. Why, because they do not want to her to be associated with another instructor who use to be Shibata Sensei’s right hand man. However now, because of internal jealousy and ego’s he is out, a Rodin. The group gave teacher L a choice, us or him they said. This is SO Sad and lame. This is from a school that teaches, hitting the target does not matter. Development of the dignity of the higher self is true Kyu-do. So where is the dignity of this low level ego based behavior? Where is your practice in your words? Living your words? This choice is the same given to several of the schools who are still associating with this Exiled Bow-maker and teacher. I said it before I’ll say it again, Bull Dung is Bull Dung no matter what the name  or where the behavior comes from, Renmei or Zenko. Shameful low class behavior is shameful low class behavior.

LZ and I got a surprise last night. There was fireworks show over in San Francisco. We could see it clearly from the balcony at 12:00. It was cool, a nice show, not some wimpy show like they have in Martinez for 4th of July this was a nice display. Nice to view it. Perhaps our last chance from here, since I’m feeling like we need to move again to a more affordable (cheaper) place… unless I can land some good job.

Speaking of money I started a new blog, so I can get a little cash from people clicking on the ad on my site (s). WordPress will not allow that here or there would have been some (^_^) awhile back. I’m not sure just what the content will be as yet. Some different pictures, verse, topics, who knows, but a bit different from here. Anyway drop by and help a brother out click on $omething! Zen’s Kaze . Yeah it’s a $hamele$$ plug.

So what I am I looking forward to this year, going to Japan is the big thing. LZ has given her approval, now we just need the funds. We have only two more years before the planned move there. So this will be a business trip, with some pleasure. A new Job I’m beyond ready for that! Finally getting the condo sold. I signed some new updated paperwork a few days ago. There is a offer on the unit. It will be nice to get that settled. Those would be the biggie’s.




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2 01 2010

I bet you are sore…
108 arrows! wahhhhh!
Great practice though – shooting at that rate you really learn to shoot efficiently. As the smaller muscles weaken you need to rely on correct bone geometry to distribute forces. Otherwise you will get sore, or worse, injure yourself.
I was kind of trying to make that point before… going to the limit of what you can do physically teaches you to find strength in correct efficient technique.
Anyway,… I made that point…

Shame about your former teacher.
Well, Zenko is a business.
Those who train there are genuine and open and don’t care about “ego” etc. I am sure of that.
Unfortunately those who run the organization have more interest in guarding their little corner of the market than in sharing. They have built up an infra structure of dojos, courses, supply of equipment etc… Zenko may be “non profit” but it is still a business that provides a living for some. Am I too cynical?
You call it “ego”… hmmm “business” is more to the point I think.
The treatment they give to “dissenters” shows it. Expel them – discredit them and prohibit further contact – don’t allow them to take “customers” with them. Protect your market – it is just business. Either that or it is a cult. Not sure which is worse…
I made that point too…

nothing new to say?
…maybe your parasitic blogger has to move on to a new host… make his home in the margins of another blog…
how about:
It has such fascinating adds – I just had to try them all… : )

All the best,
M the parasitic blogger

2 01 2010

Yes, you are quite right training that long/hard takes one to another level of the experience. Things that one would have never been aware of do come into play with that long a training.

Zenko: Yes it is a business, however seems bad business to cut off several of your branches in the only locals one has access in, over who they hang out with, even when all give complete respect and credit to the founder. More so when it is all about who is as good as who. It really is more about ego than business. That can be understood and respected. This is not business, well not totally.

Your vid: It is impressive that you can shoot in your living room 🙂
I have seen others do that style. I thought it/you looked good. I am though but a child in this. I recall after being a teacher for several years I had to relearn-my Tai Chi from a master, the proper way, because I just learned the “outside”. 🙂
If you come to the states, come by and shoot with us. A countryman of yours is my Senpai here. He reads/enjoys your comments as well 🙂

Thanks for dropping by the new site. I am experimenting there with content. Maybe it will help fund my trip to Tokyo in the spring. That would be sweet!

Peace, Markmizer,
May all your Ya fly true in 2010!

4 01 2010

thanks for the kind comment on my video-offering.
I do exaggerate the movement quite deliberately here. In the insai-ha style power is important so that is what I am practicing – not holding back. Many do for the sake of a better hit rate…
The arms are meant to go back a bit (not as much) and are meant to drop slightly (also not as much).
This does look kind of wild if you are used to the very composed style most shomen kyudoka practice. (… and ideally isn’t supposed to be so obvious, that’s just me experimenting.)
As I said I am only a beginner at this too. I have been pushing the purely physical aspects this past year. You learn a lot but it is not what it is about ultimately. It merely is the first step, you have to understand technique first and learn the craft of shooting before you can turn it into an art.
It is all “outside” you are right there. That is necessary though. If you take exams all they look for up to about yon-dan is proficiency and confident handling of t he bow. Decorum, composure,… are a part of that but no-one expects any great spirituality. Many beginners start (and end) with spirituality and neglect that the bow.
Anyway, this coming year will be about form, spirit,…
I’ll do a few seminars (if work allows) and take another exam too.
Anyway, thanks for being so kind.

Thanks also for the kind invitation. That would be fun.
we are in the finishing stages of remodeling a 600 year old house and at the beginning of starting our own shop so the likelihood of me getting to travel is small.
Maybe I’ll see you in Japan in a few years.
Maybe when you go over you can detour via Bavaria – Munich is very near, the Alps, Austria, Switzerland, Italy is about 3 hours by car… 7 hours to Venice and a dojo on the top floor… can you refuse…?
…taking bookings now.
Seriously, you’d be most welcome.

As regards the Zenko thing, I don’t know the ins and outs…
There is most probably a personal element too.
And the way things work in Japan is quite hierarchical too in that way. Maybe that is part of it.
You disagree – you go…
It is clear cut and promotes harmony the old-fashioned way – without new-fangled stuff like democracy and debate. Just exclude the ones who are unhappy there.
Maybe that is all it is – authoritarianism…

From here much of what Zenko does seems like it is selling kyudo as a lifestyle product.
Zenko kyudo is practiced here too, they do reach a lot of people and that is a good thing, but what they can offer those who want to pursue kyudo seriously is limited I feel
Maybe when you each a limit within Zenko you just have to go and move on. Maybe that is only natural.

All the best,
M – blog-parasite.

4 01 2010

Hi again,

an afterthought…

(… and apologies for poor spelling and extra words in the last comments – I write too much and too quickly. Another training target for the year: more brain, less words…)

so Heki to ryu…

a couple of clips:

This is what it is supposed to look like.

Inagaki Genshiro, last head of Heki Ryu Insai Ha. He fell out with his master (and never succeeded officially) – over reforming taihai under the newly founded ANKF apparently. Now there is no “head”, although his oldest student, Toshio Mori, who is professor of kyudo at Tsukuba University, is regarded by many as the most senior authority in Heki To Ryu today.
He and a few other students of Inagaki sensei have carried on teaching here in Europe. There is still a bond of tradition in that respect. They came here as students and new students come with them now – the sempai spirit carries on…
It is a really nice thing – and quite japanese – this collegiate culture of training and learning,… responsibility and tradition.
That is why the likes of Zenko will disappear eventually. Too little collegial spirit and too small a base of knowledge – master dies – school dies.

Also heki taihai – an example, as I mentioned it – “italian style”:

The shooting style is quite different as I am sure you know but the taihai is different too.
Classic heki taihai differs in a couple of things:
one is matosuki (pointing the bow at the target) and teki-wari (“dividing” the target – turning the bow with the arm outstretched)
Both were part of aiming – gauging distance, movement, direction,…

Another difference is that the second arrow is traditionally shot kneeling.

And “hungarian style”:

Not maybe the most fantastic shooting but a nice clear illustration of the form.

Yours ever,

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