Back to Training…Chan is one

2 01 2010

Sat. morning, was cloudy , even looked and felt like rain. I needed to be up early as I had a class to teach. Put aside the discomfort , getting out of a warm bed, all that. It was time to get busy…Yosh.

Class was at 7:30, the nice part on Saturday is it is inside my former classmate’s dojo. As it turned out I was the only there. My one long term student did not make it. The other Sat student was out of town. I had a brief thought shucks, I thought about canceling the class yesterday, and I could have slept in today. Oh well, I  can use the practice, enough of the holiday this is the year of the Tiger, let’s get busy. Ganbatte Fuu-san!

I spent some time just stretching. It felt good being as sore here and there as I was and not having done so for a couple of days. Afterward some Zazen in the quiet of the Dojo is nice. although not that quiet with some traffic outside, but still overall the “sense” of quiet was there. Perhaps better for trainig not to have it in silence.

I figured to work on my Tai Chi today. Start with Sigung Tai Chi Palm, then Yang 24, then Chen 24 my favorite and the most powerful I feel. While into the first set I was thinking how fortunate I do practice Tai Chi since I could feel many of the muscle soreness doing the set that hurt from the 108 Kyudo shoot. I thought this is a good thing and shows I do use many of the same muscles to work the two. I also thought how in bad shape I would be now if I did not already use those muscles. They would be totally out of shape and I would be dying from pain 🙂

Another flash back later was to what Ed sensei said about the connectivity of doing Tai Chi and the movement of Kyudo. Each is connected, yet each is complete in itself. That helped the other night when shooting and I really was becoming more aware of it as I practice this morning.  The next flash back came with the breath. I found the other night when I reached a level of tiredness my breath changed to the same as doing Tai Chi breathing. Even though I was in a tired state from so many shots, I was also relaxed and alert. I was not tired now, however taking notice of my breath refreshed this thought, from the other night.

So I’m delighted with my discovery that yes I did do the right thing taking this path of study. Not only does the Kyudo practice help with raising my Kung Fu/Tai Chi teaching level, my Kung Fu/Tai Chi does help raise my Kyudo level. This point was also raised by M3 when he spoke of the internal challenge of Kyudo. He has a good handle on the external challenge of Karate’s art, but the internal training is a whole another level of development. as he was explaining it, I was hearing Tai Chi in his words, without the words.  As we say in Chan, there is no duality. This was my original thought process when undertaking these, to an outsiders view, unrelated paths. Those who know, know, or in the words of the Avatar movie, Those who can SEE, know the interdependence of all things. That movie was very Chan in it’s philosophy, but that is another story.




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